How to organize your Virtual Company Forum 1/2: Prepare your communication!

Being organised and communicating well is crucial to ensure that your virtual job dating event runs smoothly and successfully.

Since 2020 the number of online and video conferencing events has exploded, sometimes to saturation point. It is therefore crucial to be organised and to communicate well to ensure that your virtual job dating event runs smoothly and successfully.

By following good practice, you will ensure that:

  • have a high participation rate
  • conduct an interactive event that brings value to the participants
  • ensure the follow-up and success of applications to the forum
  • build loyalty among students and partner companies


  1. Communicating internally
  2. Communicating with students and partners
  3. Typical communication calendar


Communicating internally

To prepare for the launch of your virtual or hybrid student fair, it is important that all the teams and components of your institution are aware of what is being planned. This can be very basic things like the date, time, duration and location of the event for example. Or which students are involved, what kind of contracts will be offered, which partners will be present, where it will take place…

Several phases will follow one another and for Eric Mielke, Director of Relations with the socio-economic world at the University of Lille

“the preparation phase of the forum is essential because it is important to define everyone’s roles

Do not hesitate to send guidelines and a communication kit to all the components but also to all the staff, from the switchboard to the teachers, including the organising teams of course. AlumnForce also provides you with several practical guides to help you prepare your Virtual Career Fair.


Communicating with students and partners

Having communicated internally to all parties concerned, it is now time to do the same with the outside. You will need to prepare communications for your members, students or alumni, and also for your partners (differentiating them of course).

In order to promote your Virtual or Hybrid Business Forum and to ensure that you have a high participation rate, prepare a communication plan. It will allow you to raise awareness among your partners and members. Use countdowns (D-6 before the big day…), announce the opening of the platform for the publication of offers or CVs, the launch of interviews… and use all the communication channels at your disposal to be sure to reach all the interested people.

Do not hesitate to use social networks. There are no good or bad ones. Make sure you communicate on those where you are usually present, and especially those where you are followed, so that the message is transmitted to interested people.


Example of a typical communication calendar

Typical communication calendar for a virtual career fair

With all these elements, you now have everything you need to prepare the communication of your Business Forum. If you want to go further, we have created a whitepaper in which we have compiled all the information you need to create and organise your job dating fair.

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