3 major benefits of your Virtual Career Fair (only if YOU organise it)

If you want to see long-term benefits, and keep control of your business relationships, you need to stay in control and own the data. We guarantee you won’t regret it!

Find out the 3 main benefits to be gained when organising your Virtual Company Forum. But be careful, it is YOUR recruitment forum. Because if you want to see the long-term benefits, and keep control of your business relationships, you must remain in control and own the data. We guarantee that you will not regret it!

  1. Recruiting and retaining partners
  2. Clean and enrich your database
  3. Building a content library
  4. BONUS: Key KPIs to track


Retain partners and reach out to new ones

Organising a virtual or hybrid student fair is the best way to retain your partners over the long term.
Offering them slots to organise workshops or conferences is an opportunity for them to promote their employer brand to their recruitment targets. Their satisfaction will allow you to establish a lasting partnership and to integrate them into your
Career Center.

For Olivier Colas, Director of Corporate Relations at CY Tech, the interest for the companies at this fair was twofold: “When preparing the Virtual Career Fair, we explained to our partner companies that with the AlumnForce solution, the event was truly à la carte. They had the possibility to address students through traditional interviews, but also to highlight their employer brand or subjects that affect them strategically through conferences. Danone, for example, held a morning conference on an HR workshop covering CVs, cover letters, social networks such as LinkedIn, etc. All this with a very interactive workshop model. It was a real success!

Organising your own Virtual Business Forum also allows you to reach new partners. You make your event accessible to a wide range of companies who will be able to participate in the Forum without having to travel. It also allows you to encourage the mobility of your students by offering them more diversified offers. It also allows you to extend the area of activity of your partners.

Elise Brosse-Maron, Head of Corporate Relations at IAE Grenoble, experienced this during her last Virtual Company Forum: “more companies responded this time. At our previous recruitment forums, we often had recruiters from Paris or Lyon who didn’t make the trip. The Virtual Enterprise Forum gives a new dimension to recruitment outside the region and many opportunities for our students“.


Virtual career fair case study CY Tech


Have an up-to-date database

For Stéphanie Piquet, Deputy Director of Communications at the University of Lille, “one of the big advantages of the Virtual Enterprise Forum is that we build up a database that we can use after the conferences and webinars“.

Indeed, to participate in job dating, your members must enter their information on the platform. This allows you to have an updated database to organise your future events or to animate alumni relations. If you have a Community platform, this will encourage your students and alumni who have not yet joined to activate their account.


Building a content library

Don’t forget to record all the conferences, workshops, debates and speeches that took place during the event. These are all contents that will allow you to keep your event alive over time, especially as a Forum does not stop at the end of the event, it continues for your students and partners who have entered a recruitment process.
You can thus turn your video conference into an article for your blog, for example. It is an opportunity to broadcast the highlights of the forum on social networks, and to generate excitement about a partner’s speech. It is also a very good material to prepare your next event and to make both companies and your members want to take part.


Best Practice Bonus – Measure your success!

Choose the KPIs that will allow you to analyse the success of your Career Fair

????‍♂️ Number of registrations
???? Number of recruitment sessions
???? Number of connections / Participation rate
???? Number of interactions on your social networks


Find the complete guide to organise and make a success of your Virtual or Hybrid Company Forum, and help your students to find the internship or the first job of their dreams!

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