How to manage your Career Fair and ensure that it runs smoothly

Once you have prepared your virtual fair well, it is now time to take action! Beforehand, you will normally have already carried out your communication campaign with your targets and carefully prepared your participants to use the platform.

Once you have prepared your virtual fair well, it is now time to take action! Before that, you should have already conducted your communication campaign to your targets, and carefully prepare your participants to use the platform.

The big day has arrived, and in order for everything to run smoothly, here are 3 simple rules to follow:

  1. Have a dedicated support team for the event
  2. Communicate continuously during the event
  3. Diversify your content
  4. Bonus: the 3 essentials keys of online speaking


Have a dedicated support team for the event

The creation of a support team is essential to manage the running of your virtual fair. This team must be available throughout the event to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that all participants manage to connect, join the webinars, conferences etc. Olivier Colas, Director of Corporate Relations at CY Tech, says that during their virtual fair, the team was “gathered at the school’s premises to respond as quickly as possible to students and companies who had questions”. He adds: “moreover, we were in direct contact with the technical teams of AlumnForce in case we needed advice”.


Communicate continuously during the event

Communication on your virtual career fair should continue after its opening. Especially if it is held over several days, it is important to keep your event alive. Automatic notifications can be set up to remind students to apply, to log in for an interview for which they have been invited or to participate in conferences, webinars and workshops. Reminders on social networks before conferences, workshops or debates start will encourage registrants to log in and participate.


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Diversify your content

Running workshops, conferences or webinars is a good way to make your career fair attractive and dynamic. A range of different topics for all these activities will help to attract a maximum number of participants.

Stéphanie Piquet, Deputy Director of Communications at the University of Lille, with particular responsibility for corporate relations, also emphasises that diversifying content makes it possible to “multiply audiences, since there is the audience at the time of the conference, and then the audience that will find this conference on our Youtube channel in replay for weeks or months”.

It is also the occasion to provide communication space for your partners, to enhance the value of your Virtual Career Fair and to multiply the content. For CY Tech, for example, “Danone, CGI, PWC and Viveris were able to offer conferences on a variety of topics throughout the day for all of our engineering courses,” says Olivier Colas.


BONUS: the 3 essentials keys of online speaking

  • Plan several speakers for the same conference to gain momentum
  • Make sure that everything works technically: sound, video, connection…
  • Ask questions, generate debate and interact with participants’ comments



Being present and organised on the day is therefore crucial to ensure that your career fair, whether virtual or hybrid, runs smoothly and successfully. It is a sign of confidence for your partner companies, as well as an excellent way to gain notoriety among students. If you want to launch your job dating event in 2022, we have created the complete guide to the Virtual and Hybrid Career Fair to help you build your project.

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