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Support the professional integration and career development of your members

Automated matching and connections between members

AlumnForce saves you time. Thanks to our customizable matching algorithm, and a simple and intuitive interface, you give your members the possibility to create their mentoring relationship independently.

Monitoring and analysis of your mentoring program

As an administrator, you have the possibility of monitoring and evaluating the success of your program on an ongoing basis. You can set up your own pairs, create a charter of use and good conduct, follow the evolution of relationships, etc.

Management of the mentor/mentee relationship

Once the pair has been formed, the two members can manage their relationship on the platform thanks to the planning and appointment making tools, with the choice of date, time and duration. They can also communicate live thanks to the integrated chat or our videoconference tool.

La solution pour votre programme mentoring

Manage the mentor/mentee relationship and monitor your pairs

Customizable matching algorithm

AlumnForce offers you a real matching algorithm to automate the constitution of your pairs. Fully customizable, you just have to adjust it according to your objectives.

Matching tool

The AlumnForce platform makes your life easier by providing the means of communication for you, your mentors and your mentees. By chat, message or video… Choose the channel you want.

Follow-up of your pairs

With our mentoring management tool, you can monitor the progress of your program at any time. This way you can be sure that all your members are involved at every stage.

A tailor-made program
for your members

Integrated communication tools

Your pairs can choose for themselves the most suitable means of communication.

The platform natively offers a chat, a messaging and a videoconference tool so that your members can communicate as easily as possible on the platform.

Management of user wishes

Mentors and mentees can indicate the topics and areas of expertise they wish to discuss. The solution automatically suggests the best possible pairing based on this information.

All mentorships are possible

Classic mentoring, peer mentoring, flash mentoring, Meet & Share… AlumnForce allows you to set up your mentoring program in any format you wish!

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