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Multiply the impact of alumni networks and boost the professional careers of their members.

About us

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It all starts with
a network story

AlumnForce is first of all a family story: two brothers who decided in 2008 to create a solution to meet the needs of training institutions and associations.

The idea was born in the United States when Frédéric was looking for an employee to open his company’s office in New York. To find the ideal candidate, he tried his luck and turned to his brother Fabien who directed him to his school’s network… He found the perfect match!

It is decided, they will create themselves a network solution which will be able to put in direct relation the students, graduates, recruiters and partner companies of the same establishment.

Our vision

What we work on every day

We live in a world where trust is the key to both personal and professional relationships. It is essential for us that people who share common values and references can come together in a community of trust.

We also believe that the network is a strength. And our vision is to make this strength more accessible and available for the personal and professional development of its members. We therefore seek, in all our actions, to multiply the impact of the network through our solutions.

Finally, we deeply believe that the network is the best tool for professional integration and career support. Enabling each person to find his or her way, to reorient himself or herself, to train, to transmit his or her expertise… These are the challenges we have been working on since the creation of AlumnForce.

We therefore act every day to enable organizations to:

  • Bring their members together in a dedicated and personalized space
  • Engage their community around a common project
  • Boost and empower their members’ careers throughout their professional lives
  • Bring value to all members of their community

The values we believe in

What drives all team members

Trust and respect as daily motivations

We believe that these values are essential to the success of AlumnForce, both internally and with our partners. Transparency and honesty guide our actions and our exchanges in order to reach our goals together.

Our mantra: customer satisfaction

Our partner networks are at the center of our attention and we work every day to meet their expectations. With a customer satisfaction rating of 4.7/5, our customer success service is the most popular on the market.

Our partners are also a real source of inspiration, and we are building the alumni platform of tomorrow with them.

Team spirit

As a true guide each day, we encourage initiative and collaboration in order to achieve ever more ambitious goals by proposing innovative solutions.

Every day we share moments, support each other and celebrate our victories together.

A perpetual search for quality and impact

We offer our partners a platform that is constantly updated with the latest technologies. Each innovation is thought and built to have impact, save time and make processes simpler and more intuitive (and without extra costs 😉).

Our rewards

AlumnForce is recognized as one of the best community management software on the market

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