How to organize your Virtual Career Fair 2/2: Prepare your members and partners!

Now that you have organised all the communication for your Virtual Forum, it is time to welcome, accompany and guide members and partners.

Now that you organised all the communication for your Virtual Fair, it is the time to welcome, support and guide members and partners alike. The use of the platform by your members must be simple and efficient for your forum to be successful. It is therefore necessary to accompany all the parties involved in the forum in the handling of the tool. From registration to logging in on the day of the event, including filling in the essential information, make sure that everyone finds their place!


  1. Assist your partners in creating their stand
  2. Accompany your students/alumni to complete their profile
  3. Guide the administrators to ensure the smooth running of the Fair


Assist your partners in creating their stand

To ensure that the creation of your partners’ virtual stand goes smoothly, give them the user guide that AlumnForce will have provided you with or the one you will have prepared beforehand. Providing video tutorials is a good practice to facilitate the access and use of the Career Fair by your partners. For Céline Rattez, former Head of Commercial and Partnership Relations for the Continuing Education Department of the University of Lille.

“It was important for us to be available to assist companies in setting up their stand, promoting their company’s image or encouraging their visibility on video for example

A successful career fair is one where your partners are involved by posting offers and have achieved their objectives (recruitment, number of registrations for a workshop, etc.). It is therefore essential to support and accompany them.


Accompany your students/alumni to complete their profile

Students and alumni must complete their profile in order to apply for jobs frome the fair. It is a mandatory prerequisite to ensure that your partner companies have access to up-to-date and relevant profiles.

There are two options. The first is that their profile is already up to date on your community platform, in which case they will not have to do anything except transfer their data. The second is that they do not yet have a profile, in which case they will have to create one. 

This is an important step. Up-to-date and quality data such as contact details and CVs are the key to the student getting interviews, and to your partner companies finding the right candidates for them.


Guide the administrators to ensure the smooth running of the Fair

It is necessary to introduce the platform to your administrators so that they are familiar with it and use it in the best way. AlumnForce accompanies the administrators in their handling of the platform and provides them with materials including the Virtual Career Fair Guide for administrators. A good grasp of the tool by all stakeholders in your organisation allows you to react to potential problems of understanding or to answer questions from participants and partners quickly.


AlumnForce has organised more than 80 Virtual and Hybrid Career Fairs in 2022

We have assisted many clients in carrying out their first online job dating event, always with success! Our team accompany you from the conception of your event to the support on the day.

To learn more about the solution, go to our dedicated page to organise and customise your forum.

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