The IN EXTENSO corporate alumni platform is here!

The wait is over! The In Extenso corporate alumni network platform is finally here! Join a dynamic community, dedicated to former employees, current talents and a dynamic team.

We’re delighted to announce the long-awaited arrival of the company’s alumni platform In Extenso ! An exciting new adventure is about to begin, and we look forward to welcoming alumni and company employees to create a dynamic community.

Discover a space dedicated exclusively to former employees, current talents and the dynamic team. This platform offers you a range of services and information, specially designed to encourage professional development and the sharing of experience.

But what can you expect on this platform? Let’s dive into the details of this experience together!


  1. Privileged access to a host of services and exclusive information
  2. A strong and ambitious community
  3. For whom and why this network?


plateforme alumni de in extenso

Privileged access to a host of services and exclusive information


The alumni platform will be packed with resources to support alumni and employees at every stage of their careers:


  • Job offers : Explore exciting career opportunities and get a front-row seat to job openings within their companies.


  • Business tips and news : Stay at the cutting edge of your field with expert advice and exciting news.


  • Company news : Don’t miss out on any important information about In Extenso, and keep up to date with the latest developments.


  • Events not to be missed : Get ready for our exclusive meetings, enriching webinars and landmark events.


  • Alumni portraits: Discover the inspiring careers of former employees who have left their mark on the company’s history.


And much, much more! The alumni platform is designed to offer a unique and personalized experience, meeting both professional and personal needs.


A strong and ambitious community


In Extenso is aware that its community of old and new employees is a great asset.

Together, they form a strong community, driven by passion, collaboration and conviviality. We are proud to accompany them on this project and to build, hand in hand, a solid and ambitious community.


Pour qui et pourquoi ce réseau ?

  • For those who have always kept a close eye on news from our 250 branches, and who have left an indelible mark on the history of our company


  • For those who have decided to leave for new adventures, to become customers or to join other companies.


  • For those who look forward each year to renewing our traditions, such as our famous annual soccer tournament in September.


  • For those who wish to remain forever linked to the soul of In Extenso!


Other news:

nurturing étudiants et alumni


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