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The latest report from We Are Social and Hootsuite reports that there are now 5.27 billion mobile users out of 7.87 billion people on the planet. This is a crucial topic for community development, which has led us to offer a free mobile solution for all our partners.

Hootsuite and We Are Social have just jointly published their latest annual study, which provides a global assessment of internet and mobile usage. Not surprisingly, we discover that consumption via smartphones is on the rise, up 13% over 2021. A use that pushes to (re)think its communication strategy.


1 – The new uses of the web

2 – AlumnForce mobile app


The new uses of the web

The report reveals some interesting usage data. Against all expectations, the survey shows that we are spending less and less time on the internet. In fact, the amount of time spent on the web each day has decreased slightly, with 30 seconds less on computer and mobile. However, this number is still very high. In the infographic below, you can see how much time was spent on each medium.


infographie etude temps passé sur les medias


Mobile is the big winner in 2021. In fact, 55.35% of web traffic is mobile (+11% year-on-year). The numbers are impressive: there are 5.27 billion mobile phone users on the planet, which means that 66.9% of the world’s population uses mobile phones. An increase of 2.3% over one year. Users spend 3 hours and 36 minutes each day on their mobile internet. This sets the scene…

And social networks are the big winners! 95% of the world’s working age internet users use social networks and messaging services each month, spending an average of 2 hours 24 hours a day.


infographie usage des réseaux sociaux


It is in this context that we decided to develop AlumnForce mobile, an application that is entirely free for all our partner networks. This way, it is easier to strengthen the links with your community and to engage your members by offering them access to the network directly from their smartphone!


AlumnForce mobile app : the free application for your community

Let’s start with the basics: where to find this application!

For Android ? AlumnForce mobile on Google Play

For iOS ? AlumnForce mobile on App Store


Présentation de l'application AlumnForce mobile sur Google Play


Then, what will you find there?

The mobile application is above all a networking tool. It is for you the possibility to reach your community more easily and to engage them on their preferred device. And it is for your members the possibility to connect with their peers at any time, and to benefit from all the information of the network quickly and simply.

By logging in with your credentials, you have direct access to your personal information and the main features of your network:


* Network directory

* Geolocation of members

* Private messaging

* Network news



* Events calendar

* Booking and registration for events

* Your groups and those of the network



* Your career information, CV, availability…

* Access to the job board

* Live application


We have made a video tutorial on how to connect to the application on the AlumnForce Club (you can turn on English subtitles)

Vous avez désormais tous les éléments pour communiquer et partager l’application au sein de votre réseau !

They already use it!

Many alumni networks are already using the application and have made it available to their communities. Here are some examples:

? We Design, the network of l’École de Design Nantes Atlantiques (in French)


? Dauphine Alumni. 

Note that the association has opted for a custom application, meaning that the application is referenced in the name of Dauphine Alumni on the Apple and Android stores, allowing them to strengthen their brand (paying option).


Tous les contenus pour gérer efficacement votre réseau

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about the application ?

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