Launch your alumni platform: 4 steps to a successful network launch

Let’s take a look at the key steps to follow to make your launch a success. You have a platform that reflects your image, now you need to optimise it for your community. You will also have to communicate and arouse the curiosity of your members!

You’ve finished the key stage of onboarding, congratulations??Now it’s time to officially launch your platform and welcome your members properly!


1 – Prepare the platform to guide your members

2 – Tease the launch of your online network

3 – Maximiser l’activation des comptes utilisateurs

4 – Keep the event alive


1. Prepare the platform to guide your members

We have already seen in the previous article how to ensure that your platform looks like you and conveys your values. Here are some additional elements to maximise the experience of the tool for future users.

Have a track record

It may seem counter-intuitive, but your members will find it easier to take ownership of the platform if they already have news to read, articles to read, job offers or event history. This will make it much easier for them to learn and understand the services you offer.

Make tutorials available

By making explanatory videos available to newcomers, you will empower them and save time in support. We have many tutorials already available, for both users and administrators. All you have to do is help yourself!


2. Communicate the release of your alumni platform

This is a crucial part and will have a very strong impact on the success of your project. You must organise your communication in advance (at least 2 months), in order to warn all the members of your network. Objective: on the day of the launch, everyone should know and even look forward to having access to the platform.

Here is an example of a typical schedule:

Alumni network launch communication

The key is also to provide a variety of content in terms of subject matter and format. The most powerful format at the moment is video, so use it on networks to create sharing and interaction with your members.

Some examples of teaser videos (in French)?

UBFC Alumni


BSB Alumni

Thanks to these videos, students and alumni can project themselves in the use of the platform and start to appropriate it even before logging in!


3. Maximise the activation of your members’ accounts

After all this work, it’s time to log in?The activation keys are sent to all the contacts in your database. Now it’s up to your members to play, create their account and enjoy the platform.

And your work continues! On average, on all the projects we launch with our partners, we observe that the key period for stimulating account activation lasts 1 month. 1 month during which you have to regularly follow up with your members.

Online activation

During this month, the objective is to personalise your reminders. Depending on your network, it will be more relevant to target your messages to specific training courses, or to a promotion. This is an opportunity to add a photo of the promotion in your message, or to personalise the subject line with the exact name of your member’s training course… It’s up to you to decide what is most relevant.

You can also do a webinar that will show concretely how to use the platform, and thus answer the questions that your members have. This can also be the first part of a FAQ for the platform.

Live activation

A best practice we have seen is to rely on events to reinforce your launch operation. Some ideas:

  • use an event within the association or school to make an official announcement
  • create a dedicated networking event for the launch
  • assign people to the event reception desk to activate live accounts with participants



4. Keep the event alive

After the preparation of the launch and the month of intensive follow-ups, it is now time to animate your network. And the most important thing is regularity! On average, we observe among our partners that the flow of registrations continues for 6 months. This is the period after which it will be interesting to assess the launch of the network and see if you have achieved your objectives.

During this period:

  • be present to welcome newcomers in the best possible way
  • answer questions and requests from people active on the platform
  • ask your members to share the platform and bring in their contacts
  • take their feedback and make sure you provide the services they need


And finally, here are some examples of KPIs you can use to measure the success of your platform launch:

  • the rate of account activation
  • the number of job offers published
  • the number of applications submitted
  • the rate of participation in events
  • the engagement rate of your publications


?Congratulations! Your student and/or alumni platform is launched, and even very well launched thanks to all your actions. You will soon be able to count on an active and committed community to continue developing the network and the services you offer.


Read the full article on how to successfully launch your alumni platform.

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