Launching your alumni platform: AlumnForce support

By adopting an AlumnForce platform for the management and animation of your alumni network, you choose a complete, powerful and easy-to-use tool. Beyond the solution, you also benefit from a team of privileged interlocutors and access to exclusive content to help you pursue and achieve your goals.

From your very first contact with our teams, we make sure we understand your project: your needs, your expectations, those of your community... From then on, we prepare a fully personalised response that matches you. A project manager is appointed, who is responsible for training you in the use of the platform, advising you on the best practices to adopt and accompanying you towards the success of your project.

1 - Onboarding: building your personalised project

2 - Going live and launching it to your community

3 - Personalized follow-up and development of your community

4 - Continuous developments 


Onboarding: Welcome aboard ⛵

Let's go! You have made your choice and the AlumnForce adventure begins for your network. From the very beginning, we appoint a project manager who is entirely dedicated to you. This is a member of our "Onboarding" team whose role is to accompany you in each step of the deployment of your online network. We ensure that your project is launched in the shortest possible time and under the best possible conditions, in accordance with the specifications that we have created together. Among the many solutions and functionalities are :

  • the construction of a site in your image, using your logos, your colours and your identity
  • the constitution of your databases in order to be able to efficiently implement your users, your academic repositories and the customised data necessary for the proper management of your project
  • training workshops for optimal knowledge of the platform and to use it to its full potential
  • sharing of advice and best practice to support you in the successful launch of your brand new network 


We work with over 300 networks on a daily basis, allowing us to bring you the best practices observed in our community.


Your project is in expert hands!

Onboarding AlumnForce lancement réseau alumni


You will find all these steps detailed in our article on the key phase of onboarding.


Putting your alumni platform online: a founding step for the success of your network ?

Once your project is ready to be launched, the support continues, of course! As this is a crucial stage, your project is closely monitored by our teams. Regular meetings are organised to adjust your strategy. You will be able to evaluate the first results of your network, with the support and expertise of your dedicated project manager.

The expertise of our teams is not the only one you can benefit from. You also have privileged access to our online User Club. A rich and varied documentation space: webinars, tutorials, articles, testimonies, exchange forums, face-to-face events... You benefit from the experience of other network facilitators, permanently and on all subjects, in order to adopt strategies that have already proved their worth for your alumni network.


Growing your community: daily guidance

Your network platform is launched, and your users make it their own.

You are assigned a Customer Success (CS). He or she is fully dedicated to your project and will support you in achieving your goals. We continue to advise you on the best practices for using the platform, and we support you in the implementation of tailor-made functionalities for your actions.

And finally, our ultra-reactive support team will handle all your requests on a daily basis. With an initial response in less than an hour, each of your requests will be handled as quickly as possible.


Download the Alumni Network Guide


Continuous development for an ever more efficient network ?

Being part of the AlumnForce family also means that you always have the best features for your network. We work daily to improve the quality and impact of your platform, and thus enable you to bring the most value to your community.

You benefit from a platform that is constantly updated with the latest technologies. Each innovation is designed and built to have impact, save time and make processes simpler and more intuitive (and without extra costs ? ). In short, to help you multiply the impact of your network with our solutions.


Tous les contenus pour gérer efficacement votre réseau


You want to know more about the management, animation and development of your alumni community? Here is our best content to meet your needs!

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