Launching your alumni platform: the key phase of onboarding

Onboarding is the phase in which you meet your dedicated project manager. His objective? To build the platform of your dreams with you!

You have chosen to launch your platform for your students and alumni with AlumnForce. You have already laid the essential foundations of your project. Now it's time to make it happen! And for that, we provide you with a fully personalised support with a dedicated project manager, until the launch of your site. Let us guide you:


1 - A fully branded platform

2 - Workshops specific to your project

3 - Training to master the tool 100%

4 - Support and strategic launch plan


La construction d’une plateforme à votre image ?

This is one of the main challenges: create an alumni platform that looks like you and that conveys your values!

To do this, with your dedicated project manager, you will build the visible side of your network. This mainly includes the home page of your site, which is the main window, but also its tree structure and accessibility.

The homepage

Elle doit reprendre votre charte graphique, du logo, en passant par les couleurs et même l’iconographie. Vos visiteurs doivent se sentir chez eux dès le premier coup d’œil ?

The website tree

This is what will allow your members to easily navigate your platform. You should therefore choose to highlight what is most relevant to your network, and what is of most interest to your members. Perhaps you want to highlight your career area, your groups or your events? Choose the elements that will arouse the interest of your members.

Capturing attention quickly allows you to gain engagement and increase the loyalty of students and alumni who will browse your site.

Contact & communication

This is also the time to prepare your first interventions. It is simply a matter of passing on your charter and your communication choices for your future emailing campaigns, your contact form... Everything that reinforces the image of your institution.


plateforme personnalisée
Your alumni in front of their new platform


Technical workshops ⚙️

These workshops are there to ensure that your platform is technically fit for purpose. If the previous phase can be likened to the showcase of your network, this one represents its engine. Choose the relevant data, classify it, integrate it, even create it...

Your project manager, as a true expert, will accompany you on :

  • retrieving and building your database
  • importing and creating fields specific to your network
  • managing your contacts (companies, students, alumni...)
  • Integration of your different data flows
  • etc…


Do you have specific needs? Tools to connect? Our technical team can set up and manage the API flows of your CRM, your emailing solution, your payment method, etc. We are also experts in setting up and securing your website, managing your database, your DNS, your domain name... We deliver a real turnkey platform!


Une formation personnalisée et à votre écoute ?‍♂️

Now it's time for you to get to grips with the tool! According to your needs and expectations, we prepare an adapted programme to ensure that you are experts in the solution from the moment you launch your platform. A schedule is set up by your AlumnForce consultant to accompany you on all aspects:

  • discovering the features
  • practice sessions 
  • recommendations and best practices
  • installation of your specific features


We work with more than 300 networks on a daily basis, which allows us to present you with the best practices observed among our partners to ensure you have maximum impact in your actions! You can also find all the advice from the community in the AlumnForce Users Club, as well as many tutorials for you or your members.


Download the Alumni Network Guide


Le plan stratégique de lancement ?

The launch of your alumni network is a crucial step (we will talk about it in a dedicated article). So let's build from now on a strategic action plan to successfully launch your platform.

This step is of course entirely customised for your network, whatever it may be. Your project manager, who builds the platform with you from the beginning, is there to help you to :

  • determine the elements to be prioritised on your platform
  • create the communication plan (mail, social networks, events...)
  • select the features to be activated first
  • choose high-impact content (articles, videos, job offers, etc.)


The key is to capture the attention of your students and alumni. Unveiling the features of your platform little by little is a good way to keep them interested and coming back regularly. This will make it easier for them to get used to their new favourite site!


To conclude and give you an idea, this onboarding phase can last between 3 weeks (for the fastest and most autonomous) and 6 weeks. At the end of this time, you will have everything in hand to launch your 100% operational alumni platform. All you have to do is make your alumni's eyes shine.

Some comments from our customers:

Thanks to the team who were great during the whole development period” 

Very good support and follow-up throughout the project” 

Our project manager was perfect. He's the kind of person you want in your start-up: responsive, super smart and efficient” 


Read the full article on how to successfully launch your alumni platform.


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