How to make your Career Center the preferred employment platform for your members

Faced with the growing number of students and the complexity of the job market and professional integration, there is an urgent need for a career solution.

Career services in schools and universities face many challenges. With the growing number of students and the complexity of the job market and job placement, there is an urgent need for a career solution. And if you need one, before you read this article, we give you a summary of the reasons to open your own career center!

  1. Offer a career space with offers AND content
  2. Save time and make life easier for yourself and your members


Offer a career space with offers AND content

The heart of your career centre is of course the job board. This is the number one objective of the career centre for your members, to have relevant offers that are coherent with their training and the contracts they are looking for.
Thanks to our partnership with Welcome to the Jungle, you can find all the job board offers directly on your career centre solution. You will have access to a job board regularly updated by recruiting companies, with the latest offers posted every day. It is up to you to choose what you want to receive in line with your training.
But beyond a “simple job board”, a career centre is a full-fledged concept that goes much further. We can define the career centre as a space dedicated to the construction of a professional project and to professional integration. It accompanies your members throughout their career, from student to senior, and helps them to develop throughout their professional life through training, dedicated content, mentoring, contacts and opportunities.
As part of this, we have included Welcome to the Jungle’s “life at work” content in our career centre. This is another asset that allows you to rely on the expertise of a specialised media with more than 538,000 subscribers on LinkedIn… This makes it much easier for you to start career coaching at your institution and allows you to focus on your own content in addition.

Save time and make life easier for yourself and your members

As you have seen, it becomes easy with the AlumnForce career center to receive offers, and therefore to very quickly offer a career service to your members. You can thus concentrate on the essential, creating a link with your partner companies. Partners who will be all the more delighted as they will not have to multiply the platforms to address your members!

You can therefore imagine that if your members find the same information as on other platforms, they will prefer to stay at your career centre. This will save them time and information throughout their career:

  • The latest job vacancies available
  • Highly qualified content on working life and professional development
  • Additional services for personal and professional development (further training, mentoring)
  • Privileged contacts with recruiters from your partner companies and members of your network who already work in these companies

You can find the essential features for choosing your career center in our dedicated article!
In conclusion, with a career center, you have an all-in-one solution that boosts the careers of your members. It is a real asset to develop their employability and help you to accompany them in the launch (or ) of their career. It’s also the platform that allows you to receive all the offers from your partner companies, and even more, thanks to a job board that you can set up according to your needs. And if you still have questions on the subject, Périne Sauthier shared with us her Career Center strategy for her AD Education Group, which has 15 schools for 18,000 students each year.


AlumnForce is the exclusive partner of Welcome to the Jungle

From your Career Center, you now have access to all the offers on our partner’s job board (nearly 45,000 offers) and to all the articles and videos dedicated to “Life at work” published on their blog.

To learn more about the solution, visit our page dedicated to career support for your members!

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