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Offer an exclusive portal to your recruiters to propose their job offers to your community.
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Stay in control of your data

With your careers area, you can control all your data: vacancies advertised, company partners, contacts and database, application tracking, etc. You can monitor your members’ reports in real time and have an impact on their search for work placements, work-study schemes, jobs, etc. It’s also your partner companies and keep in touch to create a strong, lasting link.

Provide a real career support

Thanks to our exclusive partnership with Welcome to the Jungle, you’ll have access to quality job offers with full, interactive company pages. You also have access to “Life at work” content specially designed to help your members find the right job, conduct interviews, develop their careers, etc.

Support your members' careers

AlumnForce enables you to support the careers of your members, students, recent graduates and working people! Find out about all our solutions for bringing your members together and engaging them in their professional careers.

Let's talk about your projects

With AlumnForce, you can build the platform that meets your needs and the expectations of your community!
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