New generation Career Center: why open your own?

Entering the labour market is a real challenge for students. Careers are also much more varied, with retraining, changes of sector or the arrival of new technologies. Career centres are a great resource for supporting your members’ careers throughout their professional lives. As a network administrator, the new generation career centre is the tool to rely on!

In 2020, the employment rate for 15/24 year olds has decreased by 1.2%, and by 0.4% for 25/49 year olds. It is therefore essential for alumni associations and services to support their students and members in their search for internships, work-study programmes or even jobs. The new generation career center is a 360 tool that has a flow of various professional offers, company files or various contents such as videos or articles. It is a tool designed to support your members and boost their careers, allowing you to:

Having quality content

The new generation Career Center provides you with a flow of quality professional offers. The tool allows you to filter this flow in order to facilitate the search of your members according to the sector of activity, or the type of contract they are looking for. For example, at AlumnForce, the partnership with Welcome To The Jungle allows your members to access the best offers on the market in real time but also to access quality content such as articles or videos on the professional world.

These contents will help your members to prepare their career by dealing with current topics on a particular sector of activity or simply via recruitment advice, such as “how to prepare an interview, a competition…”. Personal development can also be addressed in the career centre in order to provide all the keys to a successful career launch.
This quality of service allows you to enhance the value of your network, to establish your investment in the professional integration of your members and thus attract potential new students or members.

Improving efficiency

The new generation career centrer can be a goldmine for your members without requiring too much time and investment. They can have access to information on the companies that interest them. These company profiles allow recruiters to promote their employer brand and your students and alumni to discover companies, their history, their values, etc. This content, which costs your administrators neither time nor money, is sure to satisfy your members looking for a professional opportunity. According to a Jobteaser survey conducted in September among 11,000 young people and 250 companies, recruiters observe that “nearly 30% of candidates have more requirements in the current period – a figure corroborated by students and young graduates, who are 40% to express new expectations regarding the position and the work environment”.

This new generation career centre also allows your members to access job offers as well as to exchange with alumni who have worked or are working in the company. Note that recruiters can also be members of your network as former graduates for example. A real plus for your members looking for a professional opportunity, the directory allows them to contact these recruiters directly.

If you too would like to have a new generation career space, discover all the possibilities of a career center or contact us!



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