Alumni Network Trends: how to make 2023 an exceptional year for your community

The year has begun with many new trends emerging in marketing, communication, social networks, human resources… Let’s see how your network can benefit from them!
  1. Trends in the market?
  2. What does this mean for your network and your community?
  3. How can you take advantage of this?


What’s new in the market?

Marketing and Communication 

According to Salesforce’s Connected Shoppers Report, “72% of consumers expect brands to understand their needs and expectations. This trend towards personalisation is becoming increasingly strong as time goes on and new technologies become available. A trend confirmed in HubSpot’s “The State of Marketing Report 2022”. Indeed, “65% of consumers expect a personalised experience online” and “44% of marketers have increased their use of marketing automation in 2021”.

Furthermore, the Salesforce report also highlights the importance of digital communication channels for brands, with “60% of consumers preferring interactions with brands via SMS, chat or instant messaging”.

Finally, the use of video continues to grow in popularity: “53% of marketers said that video was the most effective type of content”. A format to be favoured if you have the means.

Human Resources and recruitment 

The evolution and trends in Human Resources are very good indicators to help you develop your business relationships, and best support your members in the labour market.

Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends 2022 report highlights several key HR trends for 2023.

According to the study, “84% of HR leaders consider training and skills development to be a critical issue for their organisation”. A subject that has been widely addressed for many years, notably with the concept of “skills obsolescence”. A hint that valuing your training, especially through the portrait of active alumni, is the best way to highlight the quality of your teaching and the employability of the members of your network.

Randstad’s 2022 Talent Trends Report also highlights the importance of technology in HR, noting that “87% of employers believe technology will help them attract and retain talent” and that “59% of employers have increased their investment in HR technology in 2021”. Recruiters have growing needs and not necessarily more time to meet them. Having an online, full-service career centre is the key to showcasing your network and attracting companies to recruit from your membership!

Social Media 

On social networks, stories (short video clips filmed vertically for mobile devices) continue to dominate the market, offering an opportunity for brands and businesses to communicate with their audience in an authentic and interactive way. Social networks are also increasingly incorporating e-commerce features, allowing consumers to buy directly from the platforms. Live video and online communities are also becoming popular ways for brands and businesses to connect with their audiences.


What does this mean for your network and your community?

Looking at these trends, it is clear that your alumni network members, like all consumers, are looking for personalised, interactive and flexible experiences. They want to connect with other members of their community, continually learn, and have access to work and career development opportunities. By using these trends to your advantage, you can provide an exceptional experience for your members and create a stronger, more engaged network.


How can you take advantage of this?

The first step to taking advantage of these trends is to stay up to date on the latest developments in these areas. Follow relevant publications, attend events and webinars, and maintain an open dialogue with your community to understand what they are looking for. You can think of surveys for example, a popular format on LinkedIn.

Then use these trends to develop custom marketing and communication strategies for your network. If you can, publish on other social networks. These networks are your allies! Generating activity and engagement on another social network should bring you traffic and engagement on your alumni platform.

Example: you organise an afterwork on campus. If you publish content to promote this event on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram… Remember to point the registration link on your platform to collect registrations.

Article on student and alumni community animation

In the area of human resources and recruitment, by staying in touch with HR trends, you can strengthen the links with your partner companies. Are they looking for people trained in the latest technologies? Do they have a specific recruitment process that you can help them with? Do they want to develop their employer brand with your community? These are all issues that will allow you to stand out by working as closely as possible to the concerns of the sector!

Finally, use social media to communicate with your audience in an authentic and interactive way, using stories, live videos and online or physical events. Alumni are the strength of your network, and a source of inspiration for your students. Capitalise on this wealth to create a link between generations and strengthen the sense of belonging of your community members.


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