The 5 + 1 essential tools for any good Career Center

The Career Center is an indispensable tool for any student or alumni network. It is a real engine for your community, bringing together students, alumni and partner companies.

The Career Center is an indispensable tool for any student or alumni network. It is a real engine for your community, bringing together students, alumni and partner companies. Once this is established, how do you know that your career center meets the expectations of your members? What are the essential tools for it to be effective? Discover the 5 essential features of a good career center, plus 1 bonus.

How to choose a career center:

  1. Sorting and targeting of offers
  2. A CV library and company profile sheets
  3. The possibility to apply directly from the platform
  4. Job alerts and maintenance notifications
  5. Enriching career content
  6. BONUS: Welcome to the Jungle content & offer partnership


Screening of offers and applications

Nothing is more time consuming than scrolling endlessly in search of the perfect job. Your job board must contain a search bar, as well as pre-programmed filters. Type of contract, sector, function, expected experience… all these elements will help your members to find what they are looking for more easily, and to come back more regularly to find the internship of their dreams. Not to mention the time saving for your recruiting partners, who will also filter your candidate catalogue more quickly.

It is important to offer your members a space to present themselves. A good career centre doesn’t just have a library of CVs, but a space for everyone to showcase their personal brand. Give your members the means to highlight their profile, and you will increase their attractiveness to recruiters.
For your partner companies, the stakes are also high. Your career centre will enable them to develop their employer brand with your community. It is therefore essential for them to be able to promote their company in the best possible way.


Company files and candidate profiles

This is the greatest service you can provide to your members, save them time. At a time when it is sometimes necessary to create an account on each job platform, and sometimes to add your profile, being able to apply directly from your platform is a significant time-saver. All the more so as all the information is already on the profile page, all that is left to do is to apply in one click! Your network will thus offer an employment service that will have nothing to envy to LinkedIn.

Notifications and alerts

As we saw earlier, the number of job platforms is multiplying. Your members will not necessarily have the reflex to come back every day to check the new offers available, or to check the answers to their applications. Make it easier for them to do this by sending them alerts for each job that corresponds to their search, and by notifying them each time a recruiter is interested in their profile.
This is also an opportunity to get into your members’ habits. This service will constantly bring them back to your career centre, thus creating a reflex. Your platform then becomes the preferred place to look for an internship or a job!

Career content

And this is the most important point. This is what will differentiate your job platform from a classic job board. What will make it more attractive and above all indispensable… It is a place for exchange and sharing, a space where your members can get information and learn!
If we talk about sharing and exchanging, it is because a career centre allows your members to exchange information directly with each other, to share available offers, to exchange with the recruiters who are part of the network. This is a considerable asset that humanises the search for an internship or a job. It is also up to you to create content to support your members in their careers. Whether it’s by highlighting profiles and career paths, broadcasting career tutorials, or making online training available…

BONUS: Partnership with Welcome to the Jungle

This last point is a bonus because you won’t find this option on other solutions!

In a classic way, Welcome to the Jungle (WTTJ) is integrated with the job board, so that you have access to the 45,000 jobs in their network. What you won’t find anywhere else, however, is all the content about life at work.
As a reminder, WTTJ is the company that builds the new work experience! A true media dedicated to employment, 2 million unique visitors consult the various contents each month, including articles, interviews with specialists, artists, psychologists, videos…

And for your partners, it is once again a time saver. Nearly 4,000 companies are present on the job board, each with a detailed and complete profile that conveys their employer brand. Thanks to our exclusive partnership, your career center will benefit from these company profiles and all the content they contain.

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