Promoting its career offer: an asset for the network, its members and its partners

This is a major issue in the communication of alumni networks: career support. It has become an essential element to animate and engage your community, and knowing how to promote your offer is essential for all the stakeholders of your network!

Knowing how to communicate this offer and engage your community through your career service has many benefits for you, your members and your business partners. A virtuous circle to be exploited without moderation! Here are some tips to help you communicate about your career service, how your members and partners can benefit from it, and how it brings concrete value to your network.


1 – Supporting and growing your community

2 – Creating an ecosystem of committed partners

3 – Highlighting the value of the network


Supporting and growing your community ? ?

Your career offer is an important asset to the members of your community. While many are aware of this, it is always good to remind them of the impact your service can have on their lives, both personal and professional.


The job board

The basis of any good Career Center, the job board where your members will be able to find all the offers from your partner companies and especially from your alumni. Because if the network has an advantage, it is that it can create unique opportunities thanks to the trust that binds your members together. We can speak of a “hidden market” only accessible to your community.


The mentoring

Mentoring is a phenomenon that has been gaining momentum since the containment, and whose value is now perceived by the players. It is a career service in its own right and is widely used for career guidance for students, entrepreneurship support or professional retraining. As such, your alumni are an invaluable source for your network. It allows them to value their expertise and also gives them the opportunity to get involved in the community.


Sciences Po Lille Mentoring case study to download


Lifelong learning

Numerous lifelong learning projects are emerging. Faced with the phenomenon of skills obsolescence, it is now essential to be regularly trained in the latest technologies and market trends. According to a McKinsey study, by 2025, nearly 6 million jobs could disappear… But 15 million could be created, depending on the sector and profession. Other avenues should be explored, such as training in soft skills rather than hard skills…


Creating an ecosystem of committed partners ?

Your community now sees the value of the career offer. They are engaged and looking for opportunities. This is where the first arc of the virtuous circle is created!

The space you offer to your partner companies is a real showcase within your network. It is a great employer branding tool, which has the competitive advantage of giving visibility to both student and senior profiles. Especially since, with the AlumnForce x Welcome to the Jungle partnership, the company files present on WttJ are automatically transferred to the job board! This will simplify the work of your partners and save time to strengthen your relationship with them.


Highlighting the value of the network ?

And now we come full circle ♾️

Your community:

  • is committed
  • help each other personally and professionally
  • share employment and business opportunities


Your partners:

  • have exclusive access to candidates
  • reach a wide audience
  • promote their employer brand


Here are some examples of effective communication to generate engagement (in French):

Student communication – Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France


Highlighting the mentoring programme – Université Toulouse 1 Capitole

The added value of your career service is very strong and benefits all stakeholders. It is up to you to make sure that everyone sees this value and widens the circle!

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