Quickly find qualified experts professor speakers within your alumni community

Integrating external contributors into academic programmes is now an essential strategy for institutions wishing to enrich their educational offering.

Finding these expert professor speakers for your school, with their wealth of experience in the field and recognised expertise, plays a key role between theory and practice in your students’ curriculum. Whether in the form of academic input, sources of inspiration or testimonials, they add dynamism to the learners’ curriculum.

However, finding these rare gems is a real challenge for schools. They have to navigate between defining the profiles they are looking for, identifying potential candidates and developing strategies for building loyalty… Between professional networks such as LinkedIn, corporate partnerships and the effective mobilisation of alumni networks, the options are varied but require a methodical and strategic approach.

  1. Why you need to call on external consultants
  2. The different types of speakers
  3.  Challenges and solutions for finding them
  4. Solutions for successfully landing your speakers

Trouver vos intervenants qualifiés et experts


Expert speakers: who are they? What impact do they have?

Lecturers may come from a variety of professional backgrounds: business, research, arts, technology, etc. Their professional expertise and experience bring a practical perspective to the subject being taught, offering significant added value to the traditional curriculum.


Why are they crucial in today’s curriculum?

Because they help to :

  • Break down the barriers between theory and practice
  • Provide real, up-to-date case studies
  • Inspire students by exposing them to varied and successful career paths
  • Stimulate students’ commitment and motivation by showing them the real-life applicability of their studies


What are the different types of stakeholder and what are their objectives?

Interventions by professionals can be divided into several categories, each with its own impact on enriching the students’ educational experience.



Speakers in this category focus on sharing knowledge and skills specific to their area of expertise. They can provide an in-depth overview of the latest research, trends and innovations, thereby contributing directly to the topicality and relevance of the academic content. Very often they will draw on practical cases from their company or sector of activity to make things concrete.



They aim to motivate and inspire students by recounting their career paths, the challenges they faced and how they overcame them. Their stories can ignite passions, encourage perseverance and open students up to new career prospects.



Appreciative interventions allow students to receive constructive feedback on their projects or work in progress, based on the speaker’s professional experience. This category often includes mentoring sessions, portfolio critiques or mock interviews, offering valuable preparation for professional life.


Integrating external contributors into your students’ curriculum creates a dynamic and interactive learning environment. Adopt a targeted approach to selecting and integrating these professionals at key moments in the academic process.


Recruiting your experts: the challenges and strategies for attracting them

The search for qualified staff requires a methodical approach and an astute use of available resources. There are several methods you can use to identify and attract the right candidates.

It’s also a challenge to identify candidates who will have a positive and inspiring impact on your students. Here’s how to meet them

Defis et solutions pour trouver vos intervenants qualifiés

Challenges and solutions for your recruitment

Identifying the right profiles

The main difficulty lies in finding professionals who have both the relevant experience and the skills to teach. First of all, look among your alumni, use your platform’s directory and rely on networking. That way, you’ll naturally find the right candidates for you. Secondly, you can call on specialist services or recruitment agencies, but this comes at a price!


Matching pay to expectations

The question of remuneration is often a delicate one. To attract the best talent, you need to offer fair and competitive compensation. One solution is to offer non-monetary benefits, such as access to research resources or professional development opportunities.


Ensuring successful integration and retention

Once teachers have been recruited, it is crucial to integrate them effectively into the school and ensure their long-term satisfaction. This can include providing pedagogical support, organising orientation sessions and recognising their contribution. Retention requires ongoing communication and the provision of extensive opportunities for collaboration.


Solutions for successfully landing your speakers

Ask your alumni

Your alumni network is the best resource for finding speakers. Many alumni are keen to give back to their school and are very happy to have the opportunity to do so. By setting up your platform, you make it easier to make contacts and find opportunities. You could also create a programme dedicated to identifying and recruiting speakers. Launch email campaigns, for example. Organising events and publicising alumni achievements are also effective ways of keeping alumni interested and involved.


Ask your corporate partners

Corporate partnerships are a direct source of potential stakeholders. These collaborations can take many forms, from internship programmes to applied research projects. Another way to strengthen your links with your partners and get the most out of the relationship.


Search on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an invaluable tool for institutions looking for speakers. Use the advanced search and filter functions to target professionals according to specific criteria that are relevant to you. Industry, experience, skills… It’s crucial to define the profile you’re looking for to optimise your searches.


Use dedicated services

There are platforms that specialise in finding and putting people in touch with each other. Although these services are not free, they are an alternative to consider if you have the means. These include Tenors, Le Bon Intervenant and Akigora.

By combining these platforms and digital strategies effectively, you improve their ability to attract quality speakers.


In conclusion, the search for qualified and expert speakers is a strategic mission. By taking advantage of professional networks, corporate partnerships and, above all, your alumni network, you can find professionals who can add real value to your students’ course.


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