CASE Annual European Conference: trends for alumni networks in 2024

AlumnForce was present at #CEAC23, CASE’s annual European conference. The benchmark event for all alumni networks of schools and universities in Europe, the conference took place this year in Edinburgh. Find out more about the trends that emerged in this article.

Every year, the CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education) organises its annual European Conference (CEAC). This flagship event brings together education experts and alumni networks from across Europe. At this year’s CEAC 2023 in Edinburgh, AlumnForce was there to discover and share trends and best practice from alumni networks. Here is the recap of the event!

  1. What are CASE and CEAC?
  2. Why AlumnForce was there?
  3. Alumni network trends and best practices for 2024


What are CASE and CEAC?

CASE is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to the institutional development and promotion of higher education. One of its main initiatives is the annual European Conference (CEAC), which brings together education professionals, researchers and experts in institutional development to share their knowledge and experience in the field of higher education. It’s also a key event for alumni managers from European schools and universities. If you attend, you’ll meet people from the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Lithuania, etc. So it’s a place where you’ll find a wealth of expertise, views and experience. The ideal place to create and/or detect the latest trends in alumni network management!

Equipe AlumnForce CASE 2023


Why AlumnForce was there?

We were present at CEAC 2023 as an exhibitor, as we have been every year for over 5 years. Our mission is to support educational institutions worldwide in the creation and management of their alumni networks. Participating in the conference demonstrates our ongoing commitment to staying at the forefront of the latest trends and best practices to offer innovative solutions to schools and universities.


Alumni network trends and best practices for 2024

Let’s get down to the important stuff! CEAC 2023 revealed several trends and best practices that will shape the future of alumni networks in the coming year:

1. Mentoring and coaching

Mentoring and coaching are becoming cornerstones of alumni networks. Institutions are recognising the importance of offering ongoing support to their graduates, or coaching students in their career choices. Mentoring programmes pair experienced alumni with new graduates to guide them in their careers. This approach encourages the sharing of knowledge and experience, while strengthening links between generations.

2. Lifelong learning and career support

Lifelong learning and career support are at the heart of alumni trends for 2024. Institutions are offering resources to help their graduates stay competitive in the ever-changing job market. This includes online courses, professional development workshops, career transition advice, and skills development opportunities to ensure that alumni remain relevant throughout their careers. There is also a growing phenomenon of retraining. An opportunity for your alumni to return to your school!

3. An alumni platform to centralise all your services

Centralising services via an alumni platform is THE major trend for 2024. Schools and universities are now setting up comprehensive digital platforms that bring together all the resources and benefits available to alumni. This includes access to events, job offers, alumni social networks and information on potential mentors. This centralisation simplifies the alumni experience, making it easy for them to find what they need. It also saves strategic time in managing and administering the tools. Everything is now centralised on a single platform, so there’s no need to switch from one application to another. It also enhances the quality of your database, so you can capitalise on it!

4. Alumni network and CRM connection

The integration of customer relationship management (CRM) systems into alumni networks is a growing trend in 2024. This enables educational establishments to effectively track and manage interactions with their alumni. CRMs help personalise communications based on alumni preferences, automate reminders for events, and collect data to improve engagement and long-term relationships.


To sum up, alumni networks in 2024 will focus on mentoring, ongoing professional development, centralised services via digital platforms, and effective relationship management using CRM. These trends reflect the commitment of educational institutions to providing an enriching alumni experience and supporting their graduates throughout their professional lives.

If you’re interested in taking part future CASE events, don’t hesitate to contact us at for more information about CASE and its events throughout the year! And if you’ve read this far, we’ll leave you with one last bonus video!


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