AlumnForce awarded by Capterra!

AlumnForce receives recognition from Capterra in 5 categories for its expertise as an alumni platform. This mark of recognition highlights the company’s commitment to users and their satisfaction. Research Reports” badges, a testament to ambition and innovation, are in the sights for the end of the year.

We are extremely proud to announce that AlumnForce has been recognized in 5 Capterra categories in the “Best Badges” section. This mark of recognition highlights our expertise in various fields, and it’s thanks to you, our community of users, that we’ve achieved this great success.

  1. Capterra, a must-see
  2. But that’s not all !

Capterra, a must-see

Capterra (from Gartner) is a must for professionals and businesses looking for the best software solutions to meet their specific needs. Capterra badges are awarded to companies and software platforms that have received positive reviews from their users. This recognition testifies to AlumnForce’s commitment to providing a high-quality alumni platform. Meeting the unique needs of our alumni and current student community. Your opinions and feedback have been essential in demonstrating the value of our platform.

But that’s not all !

Our aim is to win the year-end “Research Reports” badges. These are reserved for the most successful and innovative solutions. We would like to express our deep gratitude to each and every one of you, our loyal users, who have contributed to this success. Your continued support motivates us to surpass ourselves, and to constantly improve our platform to better meet your needs. This recognition encourages us to pursue our quest for excellence, and to offer our users an ever more exceptional experience. Together, let’s continue to build a promising future for our alumni network through innovative solutions and a strong community, sharing strong bonds and enriching experiences.

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Alumni [a]
Plural noun

1. Graduate of a university / school / training
2. Alumni of a company / organisation
3. Plural of alumnus

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