Students and job search: why you need an alumni platform

Are you an ambitious student looking to enter the job market? The alumni network of your school is an opportunity for your job search. Use the advantages of job boards, forums, networking and mentoring sessions to put all the chances on your side to get the job of your dreams.

Did you think about using your alumni platform for your job search? Did you know that alumni platforms are a real goldmine for your job search? From job boards to virtual career fair to networking and mentoring, there are many ways to make the most of these networks to find the job of your dreams.

In this article, we’ll show you the different ways to leverage alumni networks to help you land the job you want. Ready to boost your career? Let’s get started!

  1. Use your school’s job board
  2. Networking with alumni
  3. Virtual career fair: 3 reasons to go
  4. Take advantage of the mentoring offered by alumni
  5. What to retain ? 


Use your school’s job board

Schools and universities often have their own job boards reserved for their students and alumni, which offer exclusive job opportunities for the school community.


4 reasons to use your school’s job board:

1- A first contact with the school’s alumni network

It is not uncommon for some employers to have already hired alumni of the school and have a trusting relationship with them.

This is a benefit to students, making it easier for them to apply and increasing their chances of being hired. Employers who have a positive experience with the school’s alumni are more likely to hire students from the same school.

It is also beneficial for students looking to connect with alumni working for these employers, it gives them a competitive edge when applying for positions at these companies in the future.

Using their school’s job board offers students an opportunity to connect with employers who have already established trusted relationships with their school and its alumni.


2- A reliable and verified source of job offers.

Employers know that the candidates who apply via the job board are students or alumni of the school, which increases the quality and relevance of the job offers. Students have confidence in the quality of the jobs offered on their school’s job board.


3- An effective way for students to find job opportunities relevant to their training.

Employers who post jobs on the school’s job board are looking for candidates with specific training. This is an advantage for students seeking professional opportunities in their field of expertise.


4- An opportunity for exclusive jobs not available on other job search platforms.

Companies can choose to post their job offers only on the school’s job board, which gives an advantage to students who use this platform for their job search.


Networking with alumni

How to network?


  • Attend networking events: conferences, trade shows and other networking events are great opportunities to meet professionals and exchange ideas.


  • Use professional social networks: Professional social networks are effective tools for connecting with professionals in your field. You can join discussion groups, comment on other professionals’ posts, share relevant articles, and connect with key people.

The 4 benefits of networking :

1. Professional opportunities: the contacts you make through networking help to find new professional opportunities, such as job offers, business partnerships or collaborative projects.


2. Learning: the people you meet at your networking events provide you with knowledge and skills you don’t have. You can also exchange ideas and discuss emerging trends in your field.


3. Visibility: networking helps to strengthen your professional image and to make yourself known in your field. Getting known helps to expand your network and improve your professional reputation.


4. Relationships: networking allows you to establish long-term relationships with people who share your professional interests and goals. These relationships can provide you with useful advice, information or recommendations for your career.


Virtual career fair: 3 reasons to go


1) You meet employers: at virtual career fair, students have the opportunity to meet with company representatives and discuss their career interests, skills and goals directly with them. This can be very helpful in making contacts and getting to know potential employers.

2) You discover job opportunity: the virtual career fair allow students to discover the job offers and internships offered by the companies present. It is an ideal opportunity for students to find out about the positions that interest them and to apply directly to job offers.

3) Strenghten your professional network: virtual career fair are an excellent way to develop a professional network. Students meet other professionals and exchange useful information about the industry and career opportunities.



Take advantage of the mentoring offered by alumni

The importance of mentoring is that it gives students and recent graduates access to the expertise and practical experience of a seasoned professional.

The mentor shares his or her knowledge, network of contacts and advice to help the mentee develop professionally and advance in his or her career.

5 things to consider when finding the right mentor:

  • His field: look for a mentor who has experience in your field of interest and who can help you achieve your career goals.
  • His personality : find a mentor with whom you feel comfortable and confident, and who has a personality that suits you.
  • His availability : make sure the mentor is willing to spend time and energy helping you.
  • His commitment: look for a mentor who is passionate about their work and willing to help you advance in your career.
  • His network: a mentor with a wide network of contacts can help you connect with other professionals and find career opportunities.



By using the alumni network to find a mentor, students benefit from the expertise and advice of alumni who have already traveled the path they want to follow. Mentors can provide practical advice on how to succeed in a given field, share information about career opportunities, and help connect with other professionals.


What to remember: 


Using alumni networks to optimize your job search is THE method to use when you are a student.


  • Using your school’s job board offers many advantages for students, including a first contact with the school’s alumni network, a reliable and verified source of job offers, an opportunity to find exclusive jobs, and an efficient way to find job opportunities relevant to their training.


  • Networking with alumni helps students build long-term relationships, discover job opportunities and strengthen their professional network.


  • Virtual career fair offer similar benefits, including allowing students to meet employers, learn about job opportunities and strengthen their professional network.


  • Mentoring is a valuable resource for advice and recommendations from alumni who have already been successful in their careers.


By using these different strategies, students maximize their chances of finding a job and succeeding in their career.


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