How to use growth marketing in an alumni network context?

To ensure the longevity and prosperity of alumni networks, it’s crucial to implement effective marketing strategies tailored to the changing needs of their members. That’s where growth marketing comes in!

Alumni and students play an essential role in the vitality and continuity of alumni communities.

But did you know that growth marketing opens up exciting prospects for boosting their commitment and strengthening their ties?

Today, more than ever, we’re exploring the opportunities it offers together.

Thanks to bold strategies and innovative tools, alumni networks have the power to forge lasting connections, foster the sharing of enriching experiences, and multiply professional development opportunities.

In this exciting adventure, let’s discover how growth marketing can breathe new life into alumni networks, strengthening their impact and influence for years to come.

Hold on to your hats, because the discoveries have only just begun!

  1. But first, what is growth marketing?
  2. Understanding the target audience
  3. Segmenting the audience
  4. Create relevant content
  5. Run e-mail marketing campaigns
  6. Organize networking events
  7. Measure growth performance
  8. An alumni platform: THE solution for growth marketing and alumni networking


But first, what is growth marketing?

Growth marketing is much more than just a marketing strategy. It’s a veritable locomotive propelling a company towards rapid, sustainable growth. With the overriding objective of attracting a flood of new customers while charming them into loyalty, this dynamic approach literally sparks the company’s revenues.

Rather than relying solely on assumptions, growth marketers test different ideas and strategies to see what works best in terms of customer conversion and retention. This agile approach means that the strategy can be quickly adjusted according to the results obtained


growth marketing réseau alumni

In a nutshell, growth marketing is an innovative and dynamic approach to growing a business quickly and sustainably by attracting and retaining as many customers as possible, using creative, data-driven strategies. It’s an approach centered on experimentation, learning and constant optimization to achieve outstanding results.


Leveraging Gowth Marketing in the context of alumni networks

In an alumni network context, growth marketing can be used to promote the engagement of alumni and current students. Here are some key steps for leveraging growth marketing in this context

Understanding the target audience

In the never-ending quest for success, understanding your target audience is one of the keys to success for organizations and companies. In-depth knowledge of their clientele enables them to fine-tune their offering, design tailor-made products and services, and deploy powerful communication strategies.

Among the various approaches, two stand out in the context of alumni networks: the meticulous analysis of the needs of alumni and current students, and the methodical study of online behavior and communication preferences.

Let’s delve into these essential approaches to forging deep bonds with our valued audience.


Analysis of the needs of alumni and current students: 

To dissect the needs of alumni and current students, you need to arm yourself with powerful tools.

Online surveys and face-to-face interviews are your allies in gathering valuable information directly from your target audience. Expectations, experiences, challenges and suggestions for improvement – everything you need for a complete picture of their expectations.

But don’t stop there! Careful analysis allows you to detect patterns and trends in their responses. These recurring patterns, commonalities and divergences shed light on the priority needs that require special attention.

The secret also lies in the diversity of your target audience. By taking into account factors such as age, level of education, interests and aspirations, you embrace a global vision that strengthens your understanding. As a result, you have all the ingredients in hand to shape a tailor-made strategy that resonates with every segment of your valuable audience.


The study of online behavior and communication preferences :

Break down interactions on digital platforms such as social networks, forums, blogs, and more.

But don’t stay on the surface! Keep a close eye on the communication platforms that resonate with this audience. From social media to messaging, newsletters and apps, capture the preferred channels for targeted, effective communication.

Be adaptable! Every preference has its own tailor-made message. By matching content to their expectations, you strengthen the connection between you and them and generate engagement.


Segmenting the audience

In the frantic race for success, audience segmentation in the context of an alumni network is proving to be a secret weapon for optimizing the communication and management of this diverse community.

Imagine a network that brings together individuals from a variety of backgrounds: graduates, current students and other stakeholders linked to the institution. Each of these unique segments has specific needs, interests and expectations.

This is where personalized communications come into play, the key to segmentation.


By bringing together alumni in homogeneous groups, according to relevant criteria such as year of graduation, field of study or geographical location, a magic happens. Messages are adapted to each group, and alumni receive tailor-made content, perfectly in tune with their needs. The result? Bubbling engagement with the alumni network, which takes off at unprecedented heights.

But the benefits don’t stop there! Segmentation also means greater relevance and responsiveness. By understanding the interests and needs of each segment, the alumni network can orchestrate tailor-made events, programs and opportunities.

Audience segmentation is therefore the most targeted, personalized and relevant approach to communicating with and managing this dynamic community. By understanding the specific characteristics of each segment, the alumni network strengthens ties with its members, encourages their active engagement and creates a solid, committed community.


Create relevant content

The creation of relevant content is crucial to a successful alumni network. Quality content is what attracts and retains members, offering them the added value that makes all the difference.

The 4 strengths of relevant content :

1. It strengthens ties : By keeping alumni up to date with school news, upcoming events and alumni achievements, it creates a genuine community. This emotional bond between members and their alma mater is strengthened, sowing a radiant harmony.


2. It provides useful resources : The relevant content responds directly to the needs of members of the alumni network. Undeniable proof of the school’s commitment to supporting its alumni in their post-graduate careers.


3. It increases commitmentt : Thanks to the alumni network, interest grows and interaction flourishes. Attractive publications, interactive surveys, fiery contests or special events… Everything is a pretext for active participation and unfailing commitment to the community.


4. It reinforces the company’s credibility : Well-researched, well-written and informative, it spearheads the credibility of this leading institution of higher education.

The 7 types of content suitable for alumni networks :

  • Alumni testimonials
  • Blog articles
  • Career advice
  • Event summaries
  • Exclusive offers
  • School news
  • experience sharing

E-mail marketing campaigns

E-mail marketing is a powerful alumni network strategy, offering a multitude of benefits for effectively reaching alumni and current students.

Let me introduce you to

The 5 keys to e-mail marketing :

  1. Direct communication: e-mail establishes a close, confidential link with each member of the alumni network. Thanks to newsletters and personalized messages, the establishment reinforces the commitment and sense of belonging of each member.
  2. Extended reach: With a single click, the alumni network can reach thousands of former students. Important information, upcoming events, special offers and school news spread at lightning speed.
  3. Personalized content: Thanks to data and interaction analysis, the alumni network sends personalized, relevant newsletters to each member. A tailor-made approach for fruitful results.
  4. Performance tracking: e-mail marketing tools provide precise metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates… Vital information for improving campaign effectiveness.
  5. Affordability: Compared to other traditional forms of marketing, e-mail marketing is cost-effective. Low mailing costs enable the alumni network to communicate regularly and frequently, without jeopardizing the budget.

Organize networking events

Get ready to make connections that will leave a lasting impression. These gatherings are more than just a chance to get together, they’re a symphony of valuable opportunities to forge connections that matter. Commitment is awakened, the emotional connection with the facility grows, and the community flourishes.

growth arketing et réseau alumni


Together, we form an active and dynamic community, ready to support and promote the values and objectives of the alumni network.


Measuring growth performance

growth marketing et réseau alumni

Measuring growth marketing performance is an essential process for alumni networks, enabling them to continually improve their marketing strategies and achieve optimal results.

In this never-ending quest for improvement, data becomes a strategic ally. It guides the alumni network in optimizing its marketing performance, increasing member engagement, and maximizing the overall effectiveness of its promotional efforts.

Data must be monitored to keep pace with market developments and the changing aspirations of its members.

In this way, the alumni network creates an ever more enriching experience for its community, which beats to the frenetic rhythm of success.

An alumni platform: THE solution for growth marketing and alumni networking

For alumni networks, the key to growth marketing lies in an intimate understanding of the target audience, in intelligent segmentation for targeted communication. Social media are becoming a strategic place, where every move counts.

At the heart of this effervescence is an alumni platform, a veritable catalyst for success in this growth marketing adventure. It’s the foundation on which alumni networks build their strategies.

Alumni platforms have proven their effectiveness in boosting alumni engagement. Some studies have revealed a significant increase in engagement, with participation rates of up to 30% for events and activities organized via these platforms.


Growth marketing is flourishing, propelling alumni networks towards the sharing of spellbinding experiences. In this perpetual quest for improvement, adaptation becomes an accomplice, paving the way for an ever more promising and exciting future.

So, let the magic of growth marketing merge with the power of alumni platforms, and together, let’s redraw the contours of a solid community guided towards captivating horizons. A vibrant future of opportunities awaits, ready to be unveiled within your alumni network!


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