Use the AARRR framework to recruit future students and support them through to graduation.

The AARRR framework offers a structured approach to successfully recruiting and supporting students. By applying its key steps, educational establishments can improve their recruitment process, encourage student engagement and support them throughout their academic career.

When it comes to recruiting students and supporting them through to graduation, an effective strategy is essential.

Framework AARRR offers a structured approach to achieving this goal. By understanding and applying the key steps of this framework, educational establishments can improve their recruitment process, foster student engagement and support students throughout their academic career.

Let’s take a look at how the AARRR framework can be used effectively to recruit and support future students throughout their academic career.


  1. But what is the AARRR framework?
  2. Acquisition – Attracting potential students
  3. Activation – Engaging students
  4. Retention – Supporting and retaining students
  5. Recommandation – Encouraging positive word-of-mouth
  6. Revenu (Revenue) – Analyze your results
  7. To cut a long story short


But what is the AARRR framework?

The AARRR framework is a five-stage model corresponding to the user lifecycle.

  • Acquisition : Attracting potential targets
  • Activation : Engaging them in the process
  • Retention : Keep them coming back, maintain and support them
  • Referral : Encourage satisfied users to recommend your company or organization to others.
  • Revenue : Generate income by converting users into paying customers, or by leveraging the value they bring.


framework AARRR étudiants

The fundamental objective of the AARRR framework is to optimize growth, customer retention and profitability for the company or organization by focusing on each stage of the user journey.

It aims to better understand user needs, optimize interactions and create a positive experience that drives loyalty, referrals and revenue generation.


By putting this framework into practice, the company develops a global strategy focused on satisfying users, maximizing their value and achieving business objectives.

Acquisition – Attracting potential students

The aim is to attract the attention of prospective students and generate traffic to your study programs. Use digital marketing strategies, targeted advertising campaigns, events and trade fairs to raise awareness of your school and generate interest among potential students.

3 techniques to attract students:

  • IIdentify the recruitment channels best suited to your target audience::

When it comes to attracting potential students, it’s essential to identify the recruitment channels most relevant to your target audience. This can vary according to program of study, geographic location, target age and other demographic factors.

For example, you can target high school students by partnering with schools, or focus on online marketing to reach a wider audience.


framework aarrr attirer étudiants


  • Use digital marketing strategies to increase the visibility of your establishment :

Digital marketing is a powerful tool for increasing your educational institution’s visibility among potential students. If you use tactics such as search engine optimization (SEO), then you’ll improve your ranking in search engine results.

Also use social network marketing to reach a wider audience, and online advertising to specifically target students interested in your programs.

By developing a strong online presence and using the right digital marketing strategies, you can effectively attract students to your school.

  • Set up incentives to encourage potential students to get involved :

To encourage potential students to engage with your institution, it’s important to put in place attractive incentives. This could include scholarships, mentoring programs, internship opportunities or other benefits specific to your institution. This can motivate potential students to choose your institution over another.


Activation – Engaging students

Once you’ve captured the attention of prospective students, it’s essential to get them more involved. Offer them relevant and engaging information about your programs, benefits and opportunities. Hold open days, informative webinars and guided tours to let them discover your campus and learning environment.

2 techniques for engaging students :

  • Simplify the application process and highlight the advantages of your establishment :

Make sure application forms are clear, concise and easy to complete. Avoid excessive paperwork that could discourage potential students. Highlight the elements that make your school unique and attractive to potential students.

  • Organize orientation events and information sessions to enlighten potential students :

To engage students and enlighten them about your institution, organize open days where students visit the campus, meet professors and also interact with current students.

By putting these actions into practice within the activation phase of the AARRR framework, you can create a welcoming and engaging environment for potential students, providing them with clear information as well as opportunities for interaction. This will encourage them to fully commit to their academic journey and continue their studies at your institution.


Retention – Supporting and retaining students

At this stage, it’s important to keep prospective students interested and therefore encourage them to continue their journey with your institution. Provide them with ongoing support, useful resources and answers to their questions to help them make informed decisions.

3 techniques to support students :

ssoutien des étudiants

  • Offer support programs to help them adapt and succeed : It’s essential to set up support programs that help them adapt and succeed academically. By offering specific tools and services, you can help students overcome academic obstacles and integrate more easily into student life.


  • Encouraging student involvement through extracurricular activities and support services : Encourage students to participate in activities highlighting social benefits, skills development and networking opportunities to support students in different aspects of their university life.


  • Regular follow-up with competent teachers and staff to guide them: Encourage teachers to be accessible and provide regular consultation hours to answer students’ questions and guide them in their learning. Also set up personalized follow-up systems to identify students in difficulty and offer them the extra support they need.


By supporting students throughout their university career, you strengthen their sense of belonging and help them overcome the challenges they may face, contributing to better retention and greater success.


Recommandation – Encouraging positive word-of-mouth

Encourage your current students to become ambassadors for your school and recommend your program to other potential students. Positive word-of-mouth is a powerful way to attract new students.

3 techniques for creating word-of-mouth:

  • Providing an exceptional student experience through quality programs and modern facilities:


Provide an exceptional student experience. This includes quality academic programs, innovative teaching methods, modern, well-maintained facilities and advanced technological resources. Create a stimulating and engaging learning environment that promotes student success and fulfillment. You increase the likelihood that students will be satisfied with their studies and recommend your school to others.



étudiants discussions

  • Encourage students to share their positive experiences online and recommend your school:

Students are powerful ambassadors for your school. Set up student marketing campaigns where they can share their experiences and encourage other students to join your school. This helps strengthen your reputation and attract new candidates through direct recommendations from current students.


  • Set up student sponsorship programs to strengthen the sense of belonging :

Set up a system where current students can sponsor new students. Sponsorship programs make new students feel welcome and supported right from the start, while encouraging positive word-of-mouth within the student community.

By putting these actions into practice within the recommendation phase of the AARRR framework, you stimulate positive word-of-mouth and also strengthen your school’s reputation.


Revenu (Revenue) – Analyze your results

In the context of student recruitment, the notion of “revenue” can be interpreted as the rate at which future students are converted into enrollments. So make sure you facilitate the enrolment process, provide regular follow-up and clarify the steps to follow. Also, use tracking and analysis tools to measure the effectiveness of your recruitment efforts, and make any necessary adjustments to improve your conversion rate.

Every interaction with a potential candidate is an opportunity to make a difference and convince them to join your organization. Be attentive, responsive and highlight the unique advantages of your study program.


To cut a long story short :

Implementing an effective student recruitment and support strategy is crucial to ensuring student engagement and success. The AARRR framework offers a structured approach to achieving this goal, focusing on the key stages of the user journey.

  • Attracting potential students with the right acquisition strategies generates traffic to your study programs. Actively engaging them with relevant information and attractive extracurricular activities promotes their integration as well as their enthusiasm for your school.


  • Student retention is also essential. Support programs, student involvement and regular follow-up create an environment conducive to student success.


  • Positive word-of-mouth, through exceptional student experiences and sponsorship programs, strengthens your reputation and attracts new candidates.


  • Analyzing the results with tracking tools allows you to measure the effectiveness of your efforts and adjust your strategy to improve your conversion rate.


Using the principles of the AARRR framework, you can create an exceptional student experience, encourage student engagement and maximize academic success. In this way, you contribute to the growth and prosperity of your educational institution.


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