AlumnForce at the Paris Marathon

What started out as an off-the-cuff phrase at lunchtime has turned into a sporting adventure and a unique experience. Here’s a look back at how the members of the AlumnForce Run Club performed at the Paris Marathon!

On 7 April, AlumnForce took part in the Paris Marathon. The cobbles of perseverance and determination were trodden by Baptiste and Frédéric, who crossed the finish line of their first marathon. After months of rigorous preparation, at last… As much as possible; our 2 members achieved a great performance for their first time over the distance!

Assiduous training

Training for a marathon is a serious commitment that requires intensive physical and mental preparation. Baptiste and Frédéric set themselves this challenge at the end of last year. Baptiste, who had just completed the Sainté-Lyon trail race, immediately wanted to set himself a new challenge. Frédéric answered the call, and off they went for months of preparation!

With unwavering dedication and determination, our 2 members have not faltered in their training programme to achieve their objectives on D-Day!


The race

On the day of the marathon, the excitement was at its peak. Despite the challenges of the race, particularly the bad weather, our two runners remained focused and motivated. The support of friends, family and colleagues cheering them on along the way was crucial to their success.

Achieving such a feat is not just measured by the stopwatch. It is also measured by the impact it has on the lives of the participants. For Frédéric, the experience was “an explosion of pride and emotion, realising that every kilometre covered was a victory in itself.” Read his account of the experience on LinkedIn.


See you at the next race

Their eyes are now set on new challenges. The AlumnForce Run Club continues to support them every step of the way. Their experience is a reminder that, no matter how long the run, the important thing is the journey and what you gain from it in terms of personal growth.

Congratulations again to Baptiste and Frédéric on this remarkable achievement. Their journey is clear proof that determination and rigorous training lead to results you’d never have imagined!

We’re already looking forward to future races, including Paris-Versailles in September!

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