7 tips to boost your Alumni network

#1 Create a community platform for your Alumni network

It is essential for your network to have an official community site to publicise your services and highlight the dynamism of the community (online directory, news, career area, groups, sponsorship, etc.). This will allow your members to access information wherever they are and whenever they want. It is also an opportunity to give them a place to meet and exchange ideas and thus to develop and strengthen the power of your network

#2 Don't be a spammer!

Communicate with your members on topics that are relevant to them. Don't waste their time and don't overload their mailboxes as they may unsubscribe or even report you as spam. There is no ideal frequency for a mailing, just make sure you communicate when relevant information arises.

#3 Meet the needs of your members

Make sure you understand the needs of your community and take their feedback into account. Offer services and benefits that provide a real solution:

  • Community exchange platform
  • Organisation of events (networking evenings or afterworks)
  • Career Center (career opportunities, retraining...)
  • Mentoring program
  • Virtual or Hybrid Career Fair
  • Etc.


#4 Do not underestimate the workload

Feed content once in a while and organise an event every six months? This will not be enough to unite your community! You will have to give life to your network! Make sure you have content available in advance, and ask your members to produce it quickly... You'll need patience and motivation, but it's worth the effort, isn't it?

#5 Involve your members in the life of the network

Inform your members of the network's major projects and give them the opportunity to take part in them if they wish (sponsors, speakers, business angels, etc.). You will easily find projects for each of your network's alumni profiles, whether they are juniors, seniors or retired.

Many networks even testify that a member who has benefited from a contact or a programme will come back of their own to give back what they have received. In other words, for your network, giving is receiving.

#6 Make traditional social networks allies rather than enemies

Traditional social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter are very powerful. Get them on your side and use them as large-scale communication vectors to find long-lost alumni, make them aware of your official network and encourage them to visit your website (where they will find your exclusive services).

#7 Work hand in hand with all stakeholders

Students, staff, graduates, teachers, companies and administrative staff, keep in mind that all are potential ambassadors. You share common interests: the influence of the network, the multiplication of opportunities and the excellence of the network. Make the most of this win-win relationship!

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