#International – AlumnForce supports the alumni network of 3 Hungarian universities

AlumnForce welcomes its new partners in Hungary ???? ???????? We will accompany their alumni network in order to gather and engage former graduates of these three major universities in Budapest.

AlumnForce accompanies its new partners to Hungary ???? ????????

A business trip but also and above all a huge pleasure to meet our new partner networks in this beautiful country!

We will accompany their alumni network to gather and engage the former graduates of these three great universities in Budapest.

Today we present you:

Budapest Metropolitan University - WikipediaBudapest Metropolitan University is an accredited private higher education institution located in Budapest. It is officially known as Budapest Metropolitan University or Budapesti Metropolitan Egyetem. As the Communication and Business University of Budapest Metropolitan University it offers courses in business communication, business communication and international communication.
Semmelweiss University logo
Semmelweiss University is the heir of the Medical Faculty of the Nagyszombat Univerzitas and was elevated to the rank of a medical university in 1769. It became Semmelweis University by merging the Medical University with the Faculty of Physicians’ Training and the Faculty of the Higher School of Nursing of the Imre Haynal University of Medical Sciences and the Hungarian University of Physical Education.
Université Loránd-Eötvös logo
Eötvös Loránd University was founded in 1735 and is the heir of 4 universities in Budapest. It was named after the Hungarian physicist Loránd Eötvös in 1950. Today, the university has eight faculties and over 30,000 students.

We are very proud to welcome them to the AlumnForce family!

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Plural noun

1. Graduate of a university / school / training
2. Alumni of a company / organisation
3. Plural of alumnus

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