Web Services

Make it easy for your departments to manage data by implementing API management.
Les fonctionnalités web services de la plateforme alumni AlumnForce

Save time managing your data

The API functionality is a secure and automated way of facilitating the management of your users’ data. It allows you to set up an automatic and secure data flow between your management tool and your Alumnforce platform. Updates to user data will be made automatically, making it easier and more efficient for your administrators to manage.

Simplify the management of your platform

In practical terms, we’ll set up a system to interface your Alumnforce platform with your management system (CRM). Changes made on one side will automatically be taken into account on the other. The information concerned includes users, academic data, company information, etc.

Automate processes between your various tools

Thanks to its Web Services, AlumnForce enables you to connect all your digital tools in order to fully control and manage your database.

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With AlumnForce, you can build the platform that meets your needs and the expectations of your community!
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