Platform and community management training


Our team trains you to make the best use of your platform and gives you the best practices to animate your community!

Become an expert in network management

Our expert team will train you to become an expert in the use of your platform and be able to exploit its full potential! With this training, you’ll be able to make the most of every feature of your platform, both from a technical point of view and in terms of best practice for running your community!

Rely on a committed community

Our training courses take place over half a day or one day, and enable you to qualify your objectives, select appropriate performance indicators and prepare a concrete and relevant action plan. In addition, you have access to the AlumnForce Users’ Club, which brings together the administrators of over 350 alumni networks of all types and sizes. It’s a space for sharing where you can pick and choose at any time!

Simple, powerful management tools to get the most out of your community

AlumnForce gives you access to a wide range of management and administration tools so that you can be autonomous and have as much impact as possible.

Let's talk about your projects

With AlumnForce, you can build the platform that meets your needs and the expectations of your community!
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