Implement a mentoring program and empower your members to help each other.
Programme de mentoring alumni

Give your members the means to help each other

If you want to increase interaction between users of your platform and offer them a mentoring programme. By setting up a mentoring programme, you can give the members of your network the chance to benefit from the support of another member and develop their skills!

Strengthen the commitment between your members

The mentoring programme enables you to organise interactions between people who want to acquire skills or benefit from coaching and those who are willing to support them. In this way, you can offer an additional service to the members of your organisation and increase the impact of your organisation in the relationships between your members.

Develop your community and strengthen your links

AlumnForce gives you the tools you need to gather and engage your members. Develop your community quickly and easily!

Let's talk about your projects

With AlumnForce, you can build the platform that meets your needs and the expectations of your community!
Engagement développement réseau alumni