Events management


Simplify the planning, organisation and management of events, and add them to your community calendar.

Centralise the management of your events in a simple, intuitive tool

The “Event Management” feature is an essential tool on our alumni platform, designed to simplify the planning, organisation and management of events. From networking meetings to conferences, webinars and reunions, this feature allows users to create and promote events efficiently, while ensuring maximum participation.Event management centralises all your event information in one place. Users can easily create, manage and track their events, while maintaining a clear and structured overview. Integrated calendar tools and registration tracking options ensure seamless organisation.

Save time and focus on the essentials

By automating the invitation, reminder and follow-up processes, the Event Management feature frees up time for organisers to focus on content and interaction. Users can set up automatic invitations, reminders and track responses in real time.

Engage your members and create a bond

Simplify your members’ lives by offering them a clear and precise interface to enable them to take part in all the events that interest them. Directly integrated into their diary, they automatically receive your communications, ensuring a higher rate of participation. On the big day, all you have to do is scan the QR code on their ticket to welcome them. You’ll also have a detailed report to evaluate the success of your event, and conduct your own satisfaction surveys.

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