Electronic signature of internship agreements

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Facilitate the signing of your internship agreements and opt for the secure electronic signature.

Simplify your process and save time

Electronic signature of work placement agreements is a modern, secure way for your department, as well as for students and companies, to facilitate the administrative process for work placements and sandwich courses. In partnership with Yousign, a specialist in legal signatures, you can save time and focus on higher added-value tasks.

A modern and secure system

Your department, the students and the companies will be able to identify themselves and sign the work placement agreements. The agreement can then proceed to the next stage in your management and validation process.The information contained in your work placement agreement management module can be adapted to suit your process. When all the signatures have been collected, the three parties receive a notification that the agreement has been finalised and can be downloaded. Administrators can also download the agreement even if all three parties have not yet signed it, so that they can sign it manually if necessary.

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