Donation management

Fundraising & Fees

Easily manage your alumni’s donations to your association.
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Simplify your donation drive

The donation management functionality is a simple and secure tool that allows you to easily receive donations from your members. You provide a fast and trusted experience to simplify your alumni’s journey.

Secure, centralised management

You can collect all your donations directly from your platform, 100% securely thanks to our partner Stripe. You have an administrator interface to configure the entire process: donation configuration, thank-you message, automatic generation of a donation slip, statistical export and analysis, etc.

A powerful tool for managing donations and subscriptions

AlumnForce provides you with all the features you need to manage your donation and membership campaigns. Find all the tools you need to receive contributions from your community, securely!

Let's talk about your projects

With AlumnForce, you can build the platform that meets your needs and the expectations of your community!
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