Create a virtual career fair and host it for a week

The University of Lille’s challenge was to create a Virtual Forum for work-study contracts because of the health situation. This was a real inter-Directorate project (DFCA, Com and U-Link) lasting one week, with the aim of optimising students’ search for work-study contracts.

1 – A fully customised platform

2 – Strengthening links with business partners

3 – Boosting the engagement and professional integration of its students

4 – Building a content library


A fully customised platform

The University of Lille now has more than 75,000 students. Lilagora is the professional digital network of the University of Lille, which brings together 5 audiences: students, alumni, staff, open to high school students and of course the socio-economic world. It currently has 32,000 members and 150,000 users.

A real team and communication project to strengthen the image of the University and its academic partners. The forum area has been entirely decorated in the institution’s colours in three separate areas: job dating, HR advice and training advice.

Exemple de plateforme de forum entreprise virtuel
Career Fair Homepage

Strengthening its links with its partner companies

This format has many advantages for companies:

  • possibility of recruiting remotely (without travelling to the region)
  • boosting the employer brand with the company stand
  • integrated appointment and videoconferencing tools (with the possibility of using your own tools)
  • CV library and targeting of applications


The University of Lille was thus able to offer a high value-added service to its partners at no extra cost. This is a way to build loyalty among its partners, and also to create new ones!

Moreover, some of them led or participated in webinars, conferences or workshops that punctuated the event throughout the week.


Boosting the commitment and professional integration of its students

Finding a work-linked training scheme is the key to many students’ success. Some need support in this process, and the forum is the perfect opportunity to stimulate those who have not yet found the company of their dreams.

There are also many additional benefits to taking career action:

  • registration of new students on the platform
  • strengthening student engagement
  • updating of the database (CV, experience, skills, etc.)


The University thus has many members who have become active and who have perceived the added value of the network. This is a good basis for future campaigns!

“The Virtual Forum is truly an important step for our students and in the relationship with our partners, and it serves the different directions of the University”.

Eric Mielke, Director of Relations with the Socio-Economic World of the University of Lille


Building a content library

The event lasted a full week. A week that had to be animated via different channels (social networks, forum platform, Youtube channel…) and several formats (videos, posts, conferences, workshops…).

All these elements were of course recorded and are now available for the communication department. Need to talk to students about recruitment? Let’s go back to the “how to succeed in your interview” workshop with our partner. Need a reminder about orientation and career choice? Let’s take up the “Orientation information” conference… Just pick and choose!

This way you can maximise the impact of your forum even after it is over.


Use case virtual career fair Universituy of Lille

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