The AlumnForce interview - IFAG Alumni(Understanding the alumni network interest and make the members understand it)

We have met Nelly Ravillard, the IFAG Alumni national coordinator, in the school located in Boulogne-Billancourt. We have spoken about the 10 000 graduates and 2 000 students network of the IFAG Business School.
Nelly RavillardA rich and very interesting exchange about the Alumni network interest, the ways to pass this interest to the members & the future of animating an alumni network.  What is the alumni lifecycle ? How to make profit from the alumni network ? When should we integrate the school members to the network ?
Find out the answers in the video below.
Nelly Ravillard : « We can say that, generally for both students and graduates, those who find the very essence of the alumni network, globally, are those who give a little bit without asking anything back. Be that as it may, those who give at a certain moment will get a return from their alumni network with no difficulties. And it will be exponential ! »

Find the complete interview below (english subtitles available)



Thanks again to the IFAG Alumni !
The AlumnForce team