Who? University
How many people? 20000 students 
Goals? To develop its network on different UFR 
Paris-Descartes University, renowned french university, has chosen to launch its wide alumni network to appreciate all the different profiles it owns. 
The University developed itself around the medical field and wanted to spread on the other UFR. The Paris Descartes alumni networks gathers more than 20 000 students and intend to stimulate and ease the exchanges within the University walls to encourage insertion. 
The “Job board” service is one of the most used with more than 200 job offers published. Discussion groups have been created in order to encourage the students in their insertion and a mentoring service has also been created. The aim is to really support the student during its education at Descartes and show him that thanks to this alumni network he is not alone anymore.
New ambassadors of the network, alumni are the guarantors of the school visibility. Boundaries tend to fade thanks to this network that connects in a click students, recruiters, teachers and alumni. Thanks to the network, the academic experience is brought to the foreground and beneficial relations can start.  Opportunity is created, first contact is encouraged and projects are boosted. 
If, you feel seduced by this idea and want to start your own Alumni network, in order to gather up together all of your former students and alumni, feel free to contact us

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