PRO'fil : network like "pros" with the UVHC !

The University of Valenciennes and Hainaut-Cambrésis, founded in 1968, launches its Alumni network for its students and graduates. That platform – PRO’fil – is meant to create a network, to federate a community and reinforce the sense of belonging to the University, by maintaining contact with and between graduates and students. It is also meant to be a helper for its members career by providing them an open access to companies and by facilitating their professional integration. Eventually, it is meant to create an identity between the various departments of the University and to increase its notoriety.


Ludovic Van Oost, responsible for projects at the University, talks about the projet that has been made with the help of AlumnForce team.

“The UVHC was willing to develop its Alumni network for several years and was thinking of the ways to suceed. When I arrived here in September 2015, the challenge was to find a quick and efficient solution to develop this network and to facilitate professional integration with internship and job offers, because it was supposed to be done by March 2016. 
AlumnForce replied to us with a turnkey, intuitive, evolutive and easy-to-use product !

The next step for our network development and to include graduates from 2015, teachers and student associations, as well as all the communication about the Alumni network.

We are also looking for ideas to make the platform a key venue for our students. This could work with CAS identification which will allow them to access PRO’fil directly from the website of the University »


With PRO’fil, members will :

  • Benefit from job and internship offers
  • Access students and graduates coaching
  • Take part to the University development and to be invited to events and encounters
  • Get international contacts thanks to the Alumni network


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