Nuffic promotes Dutch education throughout its new platform Holland Alumni

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Nuffic has chosen AlumnForce to built its new Holland Alumni platform for international students and alumni of Dutch education institutions.
Highlighted features by Nuffic, the Dutch organisation for internationalisation in education, are events around the world, its international communities – allowing everyone to connect to a relevant subnetwork – job offers shared by members, and especially, the thematic and country communities for alumni of specific scholarships and expertise. Eventually, the aim of the platform is to connect international students, alumni, Dutch education institutions, Embassies, and organisations to each other.
A global expansion :
With the Holland Alumni network of Nuffic, Alumnforce continues expanding internationally and has already implemented platforms in eight countries. Indeed, the language of the Holland Alumni platform is English. It offers Holland Alumni associations worldwide as well as colleagues in overseas offices the possibility to administer their alumni networks. Staying in touch with their alumni as manager of their countries’ community, inviting them for events and providing them with news and job offers.
If, as a school, university or higher education institution, you’re also interested in using the strength of your network to it’s very best, contact us

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