How to celebrate Valentine’s day when you are responsible for an alumni network ?

One day after that famous day, we would like to point out a very interesting and creative initiative from Nelly Ravillard, national coordinator for one of our newtork : IFAG Alumni.

Permanently linked with the alumni and members of the IFAG community, Nelly Ravillard is really interested in the life of those who once were students in the school. Since she has arrived in 2009,  she has noticed that several couples has formed among the community ! A theory confirmed by the directors from other schools who are observing the same thing and say it’s quite frequent ! Therefore she has decided to write an article to showcase couples from the IFAG for Valentine’s day.

She has first contacted every alumni to learn who is in a relationship with another one from the school. The alumni were enthusiastic and found it funny : she has received plenty of answers. She has asked about them : when did they go to the IFAG ? What is their story ? Where are they now ? “Some have registered a civil union, some others are married. Some of them even have children !”, she says happily, “…and maybe those children will also go to the IFAG one day !”

Then she has decided to send the article to the community, by putting it inside the alumni network newsletter. Feedbacks have been really positive and the alumni have been contacted her to give news or to congratulate her. One of the couples has reacted : “That newsletter is a wonderful idea ! I am married with an other alumni since three years and we have a boy !”

This article isn’t an isolated case : Nelly Ravillard is planning to write something to put the emphasis on the women alumni for the international women’s day of March 8, and on the creative alumni careers for the Music Fest of June 21… Everything might be a good reason to talk about the alumni from your network, to introduce them to your current students and to hightlight them.

By doing so, she is building a trustful and closeness relationship based on exchange and collaboration. Thanks to those innovative initiatives, she has no difficulties to get interviews with the IFAG alumni and so she is becoming closer to them.

An excellent illustrated example of an efficient way to animate its platform and its community !

Find out the article on the IFAG Alumni platform :

Valentine’s Day 2016

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