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forceEDC-alumniWith over 12,000 alumni, the association chose AlumnForce solution to create its own online alumni community in order to foster job opportunities and business contacts among its members. AlumnForce allowed them to develop and manage their alumni network online. In less than 5 months, the FORCE EDC Alumni association benefited from a customized web 2.0 platform with a detailed profile section available for each member.
Community members can also display their resume, professional objectives and qualifications. The association also included a special section dedicated to fostering job opportunities among its alumni, recruiters and professionals. Specific content and reports outlining tips to find a job, industry reports, cover letters examples, etc. have also been published and shared within the community. Companies and recruiters can also post their own job opportunities on the portal as well as access the members’ resumes and/or perform advanced profile searches to meet their recruitment needs. Contact details are automatically updated on a daily basis, ensuring utmost relevance of the network database.
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1. Diplômé(e) d’une université / écoles / formation
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