13 March 2020

Information note on the COVID-19

Dear Networks

Given the exceptional context, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the AlumnForce teams would like to make a series of clarifications regarding their organization.

Our support team remains available, as usual

We currently do not foresee any impact on the availability of our support services, both in the follow-up of current requests and in the processing of new tickets.

We will maintain the same high level of availability as we always do for all our customers. Our switchboard remains open, like always, with regular hours.

Continuity of your project follow-up

We ensure the monitoring of all projects under development.

Your referring project managers remain available to support you, regardless of the stage of deployment of your platform.

For meetings, project points, or training, our teams have the necessary tools to organize telephone or videoconference meetings.

Home Office

All of our employees have the organizational and technical capacity to work from anywhere. We establish a secure connection to all the platforms useful for the daily tasks of our teams.

Since Friday, we have allowed all employees who wish to work remotely to do so. We also remain vigilant concerning the advice given by the World Health Organization and French and international government and health officials to take further measures, as necessary.

Client success: a priority for AlumnForce teams

Please rest assured that AlumnForce makes every effort daily through its infrastructure, organization, and processes to prepare for unexpected or stressful situations. We aim to ensure continuity of service so that our clients can focus on their goals and the success of their networks.

FutureĀ Communications

Depending on the evolution of the current situation and the instructions given by the official organizations, we will not fail to communicate to you, with the same transparency, any useful information.

Wishing you and your loved ones a safety and health time during these trying times.

The AlumnForce team

Frederic Blanc

Written by Frederic Blanc

About Frederic

Frederic is CEO and Product Director at AlumnForce. AlumnForce is the web and mobile solution dedicated to all schools, universities, corporates and alumni associations that want to create a great social and professional network for their members, students, alumni, graduates, teachers and recruiters.

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