5 lessons about Alumni networks we can learn from super heroes

Even though you are most probably not a super hero that can beat villains up with your incredible strength nor break the laws of physics by travelling faster than the speed of light, there is still something good to learn from super heroes to manage a successful Alumni network!

Let’s have a look at 5 super heroes and what we can learn from them to make the best out of your Alumni network

1. Be proud of your origins

Captain America, the patriotic super soldier is proudly wearing an American flag costume to defend his beloved citizens and country. Store your indestructible shield (it can litterally repel an attack from a mystical and godly hammer, please stay safe) but do not waver to show how proud you are of your Alumni community: a website graphic layout in line with the institution’s identity, testimonials about successful Alumni, etc.

2. Think fast, move fast

Like Flash, a hero with a “super speed” super power, you should think fast, move fast. Keep you website updated with fresh news and react quickly when Alumni get in touch with your network to ask for help, offer services or simply to get some updates about their University or School. It is essential for you to show how dynamic the network is! And it especially applies to social networks such as Twitter for example.

3. Team up

« United we stand, divided we fall »: team up with highly motivated staff members and work side by side with the University or School’s administration to get more results and bring your community together. Do you think Minions would have survived through the history of time without sticking together?

4. Be omniscient

Charles Xavier, founder of the X-men and born with superhuman abilities, is a well-known telepath who can read and control minds. We think controlling people’s mind is rude but you can listen to your community’s feedback to understand its needs and expectations. Focus on services that are actually expected from an Alumni network (mentoring, job opportunities, networking events, updated directory, etc.).

5. Be ingenious

Almost left for dead with a serious chest injury, Iron Man still managed to create a powered suit of armor to save his life and the one of many others. This inventive engineer became a billionaire thanks to his creativity, use yours to liven up your network and get your community’s attention: branded goodies, sport competitions, webinars, events on campus etc.


What is your super power to manage your Alumni network? 🙂

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