Your Alumni Network : does size really matter?

your alumni network : does size really matter? An article on the means to engage your community

Usual social networks have the unwavering will to enlarge your network with many suggestive means to connect to others (you don’t even know). The unique goal behind this supposed kind intention is to enhance the connections between users so that they interact more on their platform. For instance, in 2016, 34% of the French users have declared that they didn’t know many of their facebook contacts.
But these facts address some interesting questions: at the point where our agenda becomes more and more digital, should we measure its efficiency only by its size? Does the school gain popularity as it gets more and more alumni? Can the “usual” social networks be of any help to grow your community?
Well, it is important to remind that every alumn of your network represents an ambassador. Thus, as you integrate more members in your network, its value will increase. Nevertheless, the rule that quality wins over quantity can also be applied to the appreciation of your network. Indeed, many alumni organizations have manage to capitalize on their alumni despite having a small community. Each alumn represents an asset as long as he or she feels concerned and engaged in the actions that the organization takes. In order to achieve this, it is important to define an activation strategy for alumni.
AlumnForce : does the size of your alumni network really matter ? Best practices.

“It is your actions that define who you are”… even if this sentence seems quoted from the final scene of a world ending Hollywood movie, it becomes all clearer when it applies to an alumni organization. Mailings, events, news, job offers are the means that add value to the group.
In my introduction I referred to the growth hacking techniques that most social networks use to keep your attention longer on their websites. But they also represent a good medium to share the actions you undertake and extend your alumni organization’s influence. Learn more about this in our article “How to boost your Alumni platform with social networks?”.
In fact, the size of your alumni network is an important variable for your organization value but many other data can be added to the equation of your success! Once more, it is not only a matter of size.
AlumnForce is a web based solution that allows you create and manage your private social and professional network. Its main purpose is to help you foster exchanges between students, graduates, alumni, recruiters, teachers and staff. With AlumnForce you can manage your school, university or high school network with more than 35 different features (online directory, job board, subscriptions management, groups, collaborative calendar…)
Contact our alumni relation experts and learn more about our solutions.

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