Video – Centralising and federating an institution’s networks

Antje Janssen, project manager for the alumni networks of Aix Marseille University, explains to us how she works on a daily basis to gather and federate all the networks already created in the different components of the University.


  1. Aix-Marseille University presentation
  2. How to deploy the solution effectively in the University
  3. A platform to unite the networks
  4. The AlumnForce Meetings



Aix-Marseille University presentation

Aix-Marseille University (AMU) is the largest French-speaking university in the world, with 80,000 students each year spread over 5 campuses of international standards. As a responsible university, AMU makes “living together” a priority and is committed to sustainable development.

The University’s alumni network, created in 2019, today brings together students and doctoral students, graduates, staff and business partners in a single platform that promotes exchanges.


How to deploy the solution effectively in the University

Initially launched in two pilot components, the platform was very quickly adopted by users. On the strength of this positive feedback and concrete cases, Antje Janssen then proposed the solution to the other components of the University. The solution quickly met with strong demand from these components, who immediately saw the potential and all the possibilities offered by the tool:

  • the Career Center with the job offers
  • emailing tool
  • advanced statistics for administrators


A platform to unite the networks

The platform has made it possible to aggregate the many networks that already existed before the platform was created. The aim is to strengthen the feeling of belonging to AMU and to federate the communities, from the moment the student joins the University and throughout his or her professional career.

Thanks to the network, AMU can communicate by effectively targeting its various members (students, doctoral students, alumni, etc.), thus strengthening its relationship with all its members. Today, graduates remain present on the network via the career space by consulting or proposing job offers on the platform’s job board.

Over the years, the University has been able to build a truly supportive and multigenerational community!


The AlumnForce Meetings

The annual event of the AlumnForce network community, the Meetings are an opportunity to meet and exchange with colleagues from other universities. A very appreciated moment to share experiences and best practices.

It is also an opportunity to attend workshops that give practical and concrete advice to develop one’s network. Antje was able to attend the one on “the added value of an alumni platform compared to social networks”.

The Meetings in three words: professionalism, good atmosphere and enriching.

Thank you Antje Janssen for this testimony!


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