19 August 2019

The ISM’s IAE of the Versailles University chooses AlumnForce to launch its only community network!

Who? Management Institute

How many alumni? More than 150 000 alumni 

Goals: Develop a strong and real belonging feeling 

Actress of the Yvelines department, the Management Institute, which is apart of the Paris-Saclay University offers to its numerous students an online service which generates internships, jobs and mentoring offers. AlumnForce was already in charge of the alumni network of the University and its with trust that we were given the mission to develop a brand new network for the IAE in order to create a strong belonging feeling. 

First alumni network connected to another, the service proposes a lot of relevant tools for its members. A complete and practical directory book, an online helping forum dedicated to develop the intergenerational mentoring and the skills exchanges. Last but not least, the network integrates a potent career center which generates targeted job offers. 

Moreover, the network is often actualized and lots of papers regarding the News, the economic situation or the events scheduled to come are published. Students and alumni can now exchange and enrich each other with new skills, knowledges and passed experiences. 

The goal seems well clear; it is about to develop a sustainable link between everyone who is registered on the network. By gathering its community on one and only network, ISM not only helps its students to find a job but establishes a new and strong belonging feeling within its group. 

If, you feel seduced by this idea and want to start your own Alumni network, in order to gather up together all of your former students and alumni, feel free to contact us

Written by Victoria

About Victoria

Victoria is in charge of the communication at AlumnForce. AlumnForce is the web and mobile solution dedicated to all schools, universities, corporates and alumni associations that want to create a great social and professional network for their members, students, alumni, graduates, teachers and recruiters.

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