Training organizations are numerous to develop their network to help them along their career. The AFPA is the first training organization for adults job seekers. There are more than 140 000 interns a year, mainly in the sectors of construction industry, services and industry.

Since its creation in 1949, about 5 millions people have received a training from the AFPA and among them about 3 millions are currently working.

Therefore, the association of interns and previous interns named « Afpa Le Réseau » has been created by three organizations :





The AFPA, the ATEC and the association of previous interns from the AFPA center in Evreux. Afpa Le Réseau has numerous goals : creating, federating and animating the network of members who have received training or are currently in training.

The Association is launching a significant network with more than 2 million potential members in order to help them in their professional integration and career.

Members will benefit from :


This powerful network will provide its members important information, stimulate encounters, discussions and solidary initiatives !


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