AlumnForce is first of all a family story: two brothers who decided in 2008 to create a solution to answer schools’, universities’ and associations’ needs.

The idea was born in the USA when the eldest, Frederic, was looking to hire a co-worker to help him open his company’s office in New York. He realized recruitments and professional encounters in the USA often happen through the alumni network. To find the ideal candidate, he took his chances and turned to his brother Fabien who had studied in the same school and who indeed helped him find the talent he was looking for.

They quickly realized the need for a tool that would facilitate the search for the right candidate and decided to create their own tool, their own social network that would help students, alumni and recruiters get in touch.

Frederic Blanc

CEO & Co-Founder

Defining the development strategy, giving our solution an orientation and forecasting our sector’s evolutions: those are the missions I’m in charge of with my co-workers.

Fabien Blanc

CEO & Co-Founder

Listening and answering quickly our partners needs, whilst providing them with a technical support at all times: this is the AlumnForce project team core mission.

A multidisciplinary and international team

AlumnForce now has 15 employees, who all defend our product’s values: sharing, innovation and support. The team is made of highly qualified, international talents who allow us to face many of the multicultural challenges that schools and universities face nowadays.

We’re hiring!

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