26 July 2019

Savignac school chooses AlumnForce to create and develop its alumni network

Who?: Culinary art and hospitality management school 

How many?: 2500 alumni

Goals: develop a strong belonging feeling 


Located in the center of the Dordogne region, Savignac School has been training for more than 20 years in the culinary arts and hospitality management jobs. Concerned in sustaining the links with its former students, the school has given to AlumnForce the task to create and develop an alumni network in order to be surrounded by a real social and community dimension. This alumni network, settled to celebrate their 30 years anniversary is dedicated in federating the members together. 

This new 2.0 network can be proud of recruiting professionals and experts at every moment, of sharing common learning values, of finding useful contacts within a few clicks and of promoting all the services and products that offer the alumni. Club Savignac is proud to directly propose targeted job offers on its alumni network. 

The actual network allows students to benefit from a real supervision and support by the former alumni. As the mentoring, ideas, experiences and skills are exchanged with kindness and fellowship feeling. Conviviality and professionalism have never been better linked than within the new Savignac Club! 

If, you feel seduced by this idea and want to start your own Alumni network, in order to gather up together all of your former employees, feel free to contact us! 

Written by Victoria

About Victoria

Victoria is in charge of the communication at AlumnForce. AlumnForce is the web and mobile solution dedicated to all schools, universities, corporates and alumni associations that want to create a great social and professional network for their members, students, alumni, graduates, teachers and recruiters.

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