The University of Strasbourg alumni network

The University of Strasbourg alumni network

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AlumnForce Club is growing in size with the arrival of a brand new member. The University of Strasbourg in collaboration with AlumnForce has succeeded in creating a new online network to unite:

  • 46 000 students from 37 different backgrounds

  • 5 000 staff members

This new platform which groups the University of Strasbourg and the three old Louis Pasteur, Marc Bloch and Robert Schuman universities is a success already. It allows people to get career opportunities, to follow trainings, to get in touch with each other, to develop an address book or even to find someone to share knowledge. “UNISTRA” definitely wants to facilitate its students’ professionnal integration by reinforcing students and alumni cohesion and by helping its community members.

The platform is made with several extra units from the AlumnForce solution in order to create a powerful and efficient network. Among them you can find :

  • group management, a real advantage with such a high number of students !
  • newsletter functionality, to communicate with your community members,
  • multilingual interface, to highlight the Unistra international value,
  • survey and questions functionality, to start a dialog with your community.

Moreover, the University of Strasbourg has uploaded a tutorial to explain how to use this new alumni platform. You can find it here (in french) : Please also find the press file made for the release (in french) : CP – Lancement Université de Strasbourg Don’t hesitate to visit Alumni UNISTRA network !

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