University of Eötvös Loránd – The community of knowledge. Since 1635.

University of Eötvös Loránd – The community of knowledge. Since 1635.

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Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) is a prestigious institution – in terms of student number, quality of education, research, and international relations – of public higher education operating continuously since its inception in 1635. As a top-ranked research university in Hungary, it is the most popular higher education institution among applicants – as well as the Alma Mater of five Nobel laureates, many leading figures in technology, public policy, and culture. 

Eötvös Loránd University Alumni Organization started its activity in 2008 to promote and maintain personal contacts made at the Alma Mater. 

ELTE Alumni play a significant role in the country’s intellectual life. We continually offer new opportunities to make them still feel proud to belong to ELTE. ELTE Alumni is a massive community whose members share the same values. The Alumni Organization offers its registered members the opportunity to keep in touch with fellow graduates from all over the World. 

Our goal is to make ELTE’s scientific results, educational programs, and artworks available to the public in an understandable and awareness-raising way so that to become an active member of ELTE Alumni is even more attractive.  

Working in partnership with Eötvös Loránd University and ELTE Alumni Foundation, the primary objectives of ELTE Alumni Organization platform are :

  • Coordinate the exclusive, friendly yet professional network of over 12,000 alumni (as of 01.01.2020), and involve further 150-200.000 ELTE graduates living all around the World 
  • Encourage the establishment of national and international contacts 
  • Reinforce cohesion between students and alumni: build and strengthen the cooperation of generations by supporting talented and needy students and also by knowledge sharing
  • Organize general and thematic programs thus bringing Alumni and sometimes even students together (events, networking and cultural evenings, etc.)
  • Boost the sense of belonging to the Alumni network, facilitate the professional integration of members to the endeavor of ELTE and to promote ELTE brand by giving them opportunities to support the development of the university
  • Contribute to the strength of the university and the value of its diploma 
  • Showcase former students’ careers successes
  • Highlight ELTE generations
  • Promote further studies at great many degree programs offered by the 8 faculties of ELTE
  • Help to share information (news feed, online directory, thematic conferences, etc.)
  • Support career building

ELTE Alumni Net & AlumnForce
They were looking for a reliable and scalable multilingual tool (English & Hungarian) for ELTE Alumni’s development efforts with continuous support and modular structure. After the publication of a call for tender, AlumnForce was selected to help them structure and developed their online presence.

Using AlumnForce, ELTE graduates can get in touch with each other through a powerful and international networking tool from their desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Among the services provided, members can have access to news of various topics published by the whole network or by a specific Chapter or Group.

They can not only organize and publish events but can also register to the many events organized by ELTE Alumni Center and/or Chapters via the online ticketing system.

With more than 50% of their database up to date and active, 100 newsletters sent and over 300 posted news in less than a year, we can call it a real success.

AlumnForce is an efficient and up-to-date communication and networking tool ready to be tailor-made for the specific needs and including continuous background development. Csilla Pataky – Head of Centre for Alumni Relations and Development

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