3A Alumni network

3A Alumni network

Access to the alumni network: 3a-alumni.com/

Founded in 1984, ESCD 3A School was one of the first Business School to train professionals in the field of emerging countries’s development, international solidarity and social entrepreneurship. It is not uncommon for 3A Alumni to have an international career therefore its Alumni association needed a tool to bring them together as members of the one same community.


3A Alumni association has collaborated with the AlumnForce team to launch in October its social professional network available to students, Alumni, recruiters and businesses. 
3A Alumni is a tool to foster dialogue and promote solidarity among the community relying on the following features:


  • A Career Center designed to help students better integrate the job market and to support the career of senior Alumni¬†(job, internship and apprenticeship offers, applications management, job alerts, etc.)
  • News feed and interactive wall to comment and share content to social networks¬†
  • Events management to give the opportunity to members to meet during conferences and afterworks
We all wish a great success to 3A Alumni network!

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